Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pop Dog of the Week: Molly

Molly is our POP DOG of the week!! (see sidebar to the right)

She is owned by photographer Jean M. Fogle, who has a new book coming out this Fall called Salty Dogs. It's a book about dogs at the beach, and from the pictures she posts on her blog, it's going to be great!

Look for it on bookshelves at the end of September! Molly is featured throughout the book too!

I'm Endangered!!

According to The Kennel Club in England, the Manchester Terrier is among several native British/Irish dog breeds that are now considered endangered!

Manchester's usually only produce 2-3 puppies per litter, and many breeders only have 1 litter either every year or every other year...so with around 100 puppies being born and registered in a year, we're now an endangered breed.

The Manchester Terrier or Black and Tan Terriers as it was originally known, [dates] back to the 14oo's and is said to be the oldest English Terrier.

The British Manchester Terrier Club is quite active in promoting the breed and hosting Fun Days to have Manchester owners come out for some fun and show the public how great we are! The Kennel Club has even gone as far as creating a Preservation Trust to help ensure these breeds are sustained.

Unfortunately it's more difficult here in North America. We are scattered coast-to-coast and even having a National Specialty dog show for Conformation usually only brings out a handful of Manchesters.

For more info on Manchester's visit both the Canadian and American Manchester Terrier Clubs.

[source] + [source]

Monday, July 30, 2007

Why I Love My Dog Walker

I'd like to take today's post and write about Trish, my dog walker. She comes to see me every Wednesday and takes me out on group walks for a few hours. We go to off leash parks where I run, play socialize and generally have fun. She runs Pooch Pals Dogwalking Service in my town, and like the thousands out there, provides an essential service for us dogs.

When busy humans can't get home during the day, what's a dog to do? Does chewing Coach purses ring a bell??

An old saying rings true to me: a tired dog is a happy dog. Among the obvious health benefits, we are social creatures, who crave interaction with other dogs. Sniff a butt or two, engage in game of chase me!

Walks (outside of the backyard) provide mental stimulation as well. We love to sniff, mark, see who's been here recently...it's all part of who we are.

A walk allows you to practice obedience skills with your dog to increase the reliability of training. Reviewing the basic commands also increases the benefits of a walk because your dog is not simply ambling along, but is performing additional tasks.

Walking your dog is one of the best ways to help prevent behavior problems. At least two walks daily help prevent elimination problems, destructiveness, separation anxiety and other common behavior disorders. If you simply let your dog out in the yard, you lose an opportunity to reinforce desirable behavior.
So if you can't make it home during the day, do your dog a favour, hire them a dog walker. It'll be the best investment you make.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Ok, so my buddy Fritz barked at me with this crazy story, I just had to share! A company called FlexPetz, based out of San Francisco, CA, is offering part-time pet sharing...basically a "rent-a-pet". For the "busy" person who isn't able to care for a dog full time, they can rent hours, or an overnight stay with a dog when it's convenient to them.

WHAT??!! I'm sorry...to me this sounds crazy. How can this kind of instability be good for a dog? They are kept in a cage-free kennel, and then rented out on a per-need basis. As my buddy Fritz said, how weird to wake up to different "owners" all the time.

For an annual fee of $99.95, a monthly payment of $49.95 and a per-visit charge of $39.95 a day, (discounted to $24.95 Sunday through Thursday), animal lovers who enroll in FlexPetz get to spend time with a four-legged companion from the 10-dog crew of Afghan Hounds, Labrador Retrievers and Boston Terriers.

The membership costs cover the expense of training the dogs, boarding them at a cage-free kennel, home or office delivery, collar-sized global positioning devices, veterinary bills and liability insurance. It also pays for the "care kits" - comprised of leashes, bowls, beds and pre-measured food - that accompany each dog on its visits.
Ok...so it's not only a rent-a-pet...but with no real effort on the human side..the dogs come with pre-measured food?? All this for a day or night, then send them back the next day...seems like a lot of work just to "feel" like a real dog owner.

To me, dogs need stability...if people want to spend some time with a dog, they should check with their local animal shelter and volunteer as a dog walker. With the amount of packed shelters out there, it would be a great gift to a dog really in need of exercise and human interaction.

But of course, that's just my opinion. What do you think? I'd love to hear your comments on this!

Breed Spotlight: The Basenji

So I was at Greenwood yesterday and met two new little dogs. They were Basenji's. My human was smitten. She confessed this was the breed she looked at before picking me (WHAT?!). So naturally, I was curious about these pups...and wanted to see what the hype was about.

Well, the Basenji is a sighthound. It is small and agile (like me!), and adapts well to most living conditions. It comes in three different colour combos with ears that stand up and a curly tail.

According to the Basenji Club of Canada it's said to be of ancient origin, this hunting breed was valued for its speed, intelligence, and silent workmanship. They have excellent sight, very mobile ears, and an outstanding sense of smell. The Basenji is often called the “African Barkless” dog, but it is not mute. It can howl, growl and snarl. In addition it can make a yodeling noise and puppies can crow like roosters.

What I loved was their willingness to play, chase and be gentle around new pups and people. I admit, these two i met were quite cute. One was red and white, the other tri-colour.

They are said to make great pets, but can be a challenge to train. So you must be disciplined to take one on. They are quite independent. For more info, check out the Basenji Clubs in Canada and the US.

[photo credit]

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Online Pet Communities

Since the pet industry has exploded, online pet community websites are on the rise. As many of you know, I have my own page on Dogster. It's a great forum to get to discuss everything dog: health, sports, shopping. Upload your favourite photos and videos, give other dogs cute stars and rosettes to show you care. They are also very informative providing a daily blog on hot dog topics.

Another great site to check out is PetPop. On PetPop you can build your own community and keep your pet friends all in one place. Meet new pets in your area and check out other breeds like you from all around. See who has a top rated profile, look through top rated photos and videos. The cool thing about the PetPop pages is that other pets from the website can leave great comments (including photos and clip art) on the pets page...to leave a cute message or tell them that they like their page. The pets human can also have a section on the site to post some brief info about themselves too.

The team that has created PetPop are all pet lovers and that’s the main reason why it was created. The site is for pet lovers by pet lovers. You can't be mad at that!

Pawspot is also trying to give Dogster a run for its dog cookies. It's set up as an online community for pets and people. The pet pages aren't as detailed, but the search is great as it allows you to find pets in your area, for potential meet-up situations. They have great forum discussion threads set up with a variety of topics, and nice gallery with photo contests to check out the great pets.

So if you don't already have a site out there for your pup, what are you waiting for??

Friday, July 27, 2007

Nike Suspends Vick's Contract

I received an email from the Humane Society of the United States today. Giving me the good news:

Nike announced today that it has suspended Michael Vick's contract without pay and will stop selling all Vick-related products at its stores.

As you know, the allegations against Michael Vick are so serious and disturbing that The Humane Society of the United called on his corporate backers to end their commercial relationships with the star player. I’m so pleased that Nike has signaled it has a zero tolerance policy for athletes who may be involved with staged animal fights and other forms of malicious animal cruelty.

Nike's statement reads as follows:

“Nike has suspended Michael Vick’s contract without pay, and will not sell any more Michael Vick product at Nike owned retail at this time. As we’ve said before, Nike is concerned by the serious and highly disturbing allegations made against Michael Vick and we consider any cruelty to animals inhumane and abhorrent. However, we do believe that Michael Vick should be afforded the same due process as any citizen in the United States, therefore, we have not terminated our relationship.”

Also today, Reebok agreed to stop selling Michael Vick-branded products. The company does not have a contract with Vick but has an official relationship with the NFL to sell its merchandise.

Thank you again for all you do for animals.


Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

Ugh...Paris Hilton adds more pups to her family

So we know she loves little dogs...she has many. She brings a few out on occasion, and has now added two more to her brood. A new Chihuahua named Hendrix, and a Yorkie named Cinderella.

My question is....when she's constantly working *ahem* partying and doing the socialite scene...who is taking care of these dogs?? It's been reported on a number of sites that her dogs are often seen running loose in her Beverley Hills neighbourhood.

And where is Tinkerbell?? Seems she's fallen out of favour..we never see her photographed anymore.

For the sake of those pups, I hope she has someone responsible taking care of them while she's gone.

[source] [photo credit]

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Zoomies: A Definition

So to some of you out there, the word Zoomies might be new. Let me break it down for you. Zoomies is the act of running full speed, usually in a circular motion around the backyard, open field or in your living room.

Zoomies happen when a pup is excited or has pent up energy.

Zoomies are fun! Just tonight, my "pawrents" were out for the night. When they came back, I was taken out to the back field and once unleashed, I did MAJOR ZOOMIES around the field. What added to the fun, was me finding the best toy ever. The Water Bottle.

You love that it fits into your mouth just right. The crinkle noise it makes when you chomp on it. The utter joy of seeing your human run after you telling you to drop it.

Yes, the Water Bottle is a great invention. So pups, get out and enjoy some zoomies today!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Off Leash Parks are Pawesome!!

I'm all in favour of the off leash park! Just last night I was at our local off leash for a romp with my best bud Mimi, an American Bulldog. We met a Mastiff puppy, a Boxer and a Bulldog. It was so much fun!!

Definitely check out your local Parks and Recreation department if you don't have legal off leash areas to see what you can do to change it. It's a great feeling to be able to run around leash free with other dogs and provides great physical and mental stimulation and socialization for us!

Check out some video of last nights romp.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tell Nike to drop Michael Vick

This message is being circulated by the Humane Society of the US:

Thank you so much for urging the NFL to suspend Michael Vick! Because of your action and those of more than 263,000 others who contacted the NFL through our campaign, the league yesterday ordered Vick to stay out of training camp. We're pleased, and we will press the NFL to keep Vick off the football field until the resolution of his felony dogfighting charges in federal court.

I'm writing you today to ask you to urge Nike to drop Michael Vick.

The company is the most prominent corporate sponsor of Vick. Although it has pulled Vick-related merchandise from its website -- including, thankfully, a $16 “Vick Hero” tee-shirt for boys that was still being sold two days after Vick’s indictment -- Nike continues to sell Vick-related products in its retail stores.

With public pressure mounting, Nike last week issued a statement condemning cruelty to animals. It called the charges against Vick “disturbing” and added, “we consider any cruelty to animals inhumane and abhorrent.”

Federal authorities have charged Vick with a series of federal offenses, including involvement in a dogfighting ring operated from his property that has left a string of dead, wounded, and suffering animals along the Eastern Seaboard. Nike has said that Vick should be afforded the same due process as any citizen. That, of course, is true. But this is no moment to tell America's youth to look up to such a man.

Please urge Nike to end its relationship with Vick now.

Young people have been seduced by pop culture icons who glamorize the underground world of dogfighting. Every corporate and political leader needs to make it plain that going down this road is a dead end. The Vick case is where that campaign must start.

Thank you for all you do for animals.


Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

Pop Dog of the Week: Last Ehco of Fieldfare

Or Ehco as he's known around the dog park. He's an awesome chocolate lab I met this weekend, great agility and flyball pup, who is on his way to completing his Canine Good Neighbour! Congrats buddy on being Pop Dog of the Week!

New Poll this week!

Check out the sidebar to your right...I've posted a new poll this week. Enjoy!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Mmmm, Merrick + Sardines = Happy Pup

So I'm being switched over to Merrick brand dry food. I've been getting picky lately with my other food, so after much investigation, my human decided to switch me over to Merrick. The cool things about this food is you can switch between flavours with no digestive problems. That is good for me, as I get bored easily.

I'm now sampling the Wilderness Blend, which is a combination of salmon, venison and buffalo. Mmmmm.

On top of that, I'm now being given a big sardine every night with my dinner! I've been having some dry skin issues, and this was recommended to me by a few other pups. I don't know what took my human so long to try it! I LOVE THEM!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

Phew! What a busy weekend! I'm ready to pass out! Well my human was showcasing her art at the Dog Days of Scugog this weekend, and yours truly was there to help out!

I participated in a Disc Dog seminar on Saturday evening. Jackie Parkin of the Southern Ontario Disc Houndz was the awesome trainer! I learned how to track the frisbee, and my human learned cool throwing techniques! Hopefully we'll both be able to put it all together and do some competing!

I met all kinds of cool pups too! Sooo many breeds! (Big shout out to Tilly and Echo!) My human even saw another Manchester! (I wasn't around to meet her).

Well, my human uncle is visiting for a few days...so we might be too busy to post...but keep checking in, I've got some new product reviews, and new companies to talk about.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Remember, I love your feedback!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Dog Days of Scugog - Visit the POP DOG booth!

My human will be at the Dog Days of Scugog this weekend (July 21 & 22)! She will have a booth showcasing her Pop Dog Portraits. So if anyone is in the Toronto/Southern Ontario area and interested in a nice drive to the country (located in Port Perry, 1 hour east of Toronto) she'd be happy to see you!

You might even catch a glimpse of yours truly! I will be attending a Disc Dog seminar Saturday night...learning the ins and outs of that sport.

There will be LOTS to see and do! Agility and Flyball demos, Disc Dog and Dock Dog competition, lots of fun contests and vendors to check out.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

MISSING Manchester Terrier: Billie needs your help!

Anyone living in the Etobicoke/West end of Toronto: Please keep your eye out for Billie, a female Manchester Terrier. This message is from her owner:

Billie was spooked from our backyard on Monday, May 7th. She had done that before but this time she found a little cat walk near our house that goes to Eglinton Ave. As you know, Manchesters are very fast so by the time I got in my car and out to Eglinton she was at the corner of Martin Grove. The only call we received was from a person that saw her at the intersection of Eglinton/Martin Grove/HWY 27 on May 7th.

We are all very eager to find her, especially my 3 kids who don't know life without Billie and miss her very much. :(

Thank you very much for your help.
She is 7 years old, approximately 25lbs, Black and Tan markings and is described as a barker (aren't we all!). Posters have been put up in the neighbourhood, and local shelters have been notified of her status. There is a reward for anyone who finds Billie.

Silvana Lowe can be reached at 416-621-9212 or at this email address.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oprah's dog dies in freak accident

As reported in Star Magazine, Oprah's beloved Golden Retriever Gracie passed away today in a freak accident. The smallest of her three Golden's, Gracie was out for a walk and apparently choked on a small rubber ball.

Gracie first came into Oprah's life in early 2005, and Oprah often said the young dog was one of her babies, who always found her way into mommy's lap. Gracie also graced the cover of O Magazine twice, in 2006 and in January 2007.

I cannot imagine the grief of losing your beloved pet. So we'll all say a prayer for Gracie tonight as she passes over to the Rainbow Bridge.

[photo credit]

Michael Vick Indicted in Dogfighting case!!

Aroooo!!! Some good news! The Washington Post reported this morning that a federal grand jury in Richmond indicted Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick and three other men yesterday on charges related to their alleged operation of a dogfighting ring based at a property Vick owns in southeastern Virginia.

If convicted, Vick could face a total of up to six years in prison and $350,000 in fines. He could face additional discipline by the NFL, even if he is not convicted.Vick's associates, Purnell Peace, Quanis Phillips and Tony Taylor, were indicted on the same charges.

Dogfighting is a felony in Virginia and 47 other states. Transporting dogs over state lines for dogfighting is a federal crime.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My first tracking experience

So my human thinks I'd make a good tracking dog. Being a terrier, I do have a high prey drive and always find myself sniffing out something on our walks. I have had two successful tracks recently to make my human think I may be on to something.

While on a walk recently my nose to the ground, my human spotted a lady up ahead with two Italian Greyhounds. They were quite a distance away, and were now crossing the street into a little wooded path. She thought this might be a good test..see if I could pick up their scent. She knew this lady, and knew her route back to her home...so she'd be able to see if I could simply track them.

Low and behold, I picked up their scent! I lifted my head to see if I could see them...I could not, so down my nose went furiously sniffing them out. We got to the street crossing, and my human thought I'd be thrown off from the oncoming traffic.

I wasn't deterred!! I wanted to go forward. So when the traffic eased up, off we went. I was tracking at a quick pace, looking up every now and then to see if I could spot them. All through the wooded path, and out to the sub-division where they lived. I made it all the way to their driveway! My human was very proud. So what do you think? Do I have what it takes?? Well she's investigating some clubs in our area. I'll keep you posted!

Spotlight Sport: Tracking

What is Tracking? A dog is "tracking" when he is following the scent trail left by a variety of sources, such as human being or other animal.

There are many forms and functions of tracking available for you and your dog to participate in. Hounds, Labs, Pointers and Retrievers track game, rescue dogs track people (either lost or from a disaster recovery site), police dogs track suspects and well trained pets can find lost items.

Many dogs and owners are involved in tracking for fun or as a sport (earning titles).

Check your local kennel club for more information and to find a local club near you.


[photo credit]

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm a man now

So my humans thought I'd be the butt of the jokes at the dog park. I am a squatter. Not sure if it's laziness or that I just didn't know any better...but I've never raised my leg to do my biz.

Until today. Rejoice, I am a man! LOL! All during my evening walk I was lifting my leg at every tree trunk, lamp post and fire hydrant I could find!

My human couldn't be more proud! I even got a cookie for my new accomplishment! What could be better?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Red Dog Diary: incredible journey...

I happened onto this amazing blog called the Red Dog Diary. It's the story of Raja, a Golden Retriever whose family is told he's developed cancer. They've documented his battle in a "dogumentary" that they hope will be released this fall to various film festivals.

New Features

I've implemented a few new features to the blog. Just check them out in the sidebar to the right.

Rate my Blog: where you do just as it asks...rate it from 1-10...10 being PAWESOME!
Weekly Poll: I ask a question you provide your answer! Easy!

Plus, don't forget, I love to hear from you...so leave your comments at the end of my posts, or if you have a story you want added, just email me and let me know!

The Eco-Friendly Dog

With the Live Earth event behind us I thought I'd post some info on eco-friendly dog sites that provide various products and services for those pups trying to introduce small changes to encourage a big impact!

EarthDoggy provides both eco-friendly and chemical free products for dogs wanting to make a difference, and those that might have allergies.

Cyber Canine is a site that started as an information sharing service for finding earth friendly/non-allergenic dog products. They now have a united goal: proudly formulate manufacture, package and share their brand's (Mundo) organic, cruelty free and earth friendly dog products with the rest of the sensitive dogs out there. Mundo Botanica, always handcrafted, honest and always earth friendly.

Natural Pet Market boasts lots of choice for natural dog food (none affected by the recall) and various pet products like shampoos, homeopathies and vitamins.

For more companies that provide alternatives check out the extensive list at Happy Hippie!

[photo credit]

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pop Dog of the Week: Faith

Check out the sidebar to see this week's Pop Dog!

Remember, if you want to be showcased, just send me an email with the following info:

Favourite food
Favourite activity
and Fun Fact about yourself!

Don't forget to send a photo of yourself too!

Chicago area cops bust dog fighting operation

Even amidst all the Michael Vick allegations, dog fighting is continuing in other parts of the United States. A bust in South Holland, Illinois yesterday found on the property a well insulated barn, to keep noise down from neighbours, and 37 dogs, from puppies to adults in various conditions. Most of them appeared to be Pit Bulls.

This is just one of the worst cases of animal cruelty...what will become of these dogs bred to fight? It really breaks my heart that in 2007 people still take pleasure in seeing dogs fight to the death...for sport and money. Grrrrr.

An except taken from the Chicago Tribune:

A horrific process

"The process by which a happy puppy is transformed into a brutal fighter is simple: First, break the animal's will by keeping it in the dark, in a cramped cage without adequate food or water, and, on occasion, batter it with loud music. Then, once the animal is reduced to a shell, rebuild it physically and mentally through better feeding, strength training and beatings and torture to make it angry. Then, take it out and bet money on what essentially are death matches."

A 29 year old man has been arrested. Apparently not his first time in trouble over dog fighting. I urge you to lobby local government to make stiffer penalties for animal cruelty.

I'll try to keep you posted on what happens with this story.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Tips for staying cool this summer

Got this from the Yahoo! Pets site:

Doggie Boots: Dogs absorb and release heat through their feet. Boots protect your dog from the powerful heat that rises from surfaces like cement and asphalt.

A Kiddie Pool: Got a nice spot in the shade where you can set one up? It's a fun way to let your dog cool off. (Just like my pal Baylee, shown in photo!)

A Wet Towel: An inexpensive way to give your dog some relief from the heat. Remember, dogs cool from the bottom up. A wet towel does more good on the bottom of your dog than on top of her coat.

A Water Spritzer: Spraying your dog with cool water is a great way to cool your dog down on a long walk. Spray the paws and stomach too -- not just the top of the dog!

A Portable Water Bowl: Always have water available for your dog on long walks. Some paths may have a special water fountain for your pup, and that's great. But your pup may need water before you reach it. A portable water bowl and a bottle of water is a great way to ensure that your pup won't go thirsty.

A Bottle of Water: Be responsible: keep one handy on a long walk. If your dog wears a backpack or vest, you can even let him carry it. The water inside the bottles will keep the dog cooler, and carrying it will give him a sense of purpose.
Remember, we can't speak up, so always pay close attention to our body language to make sure we are not over heating!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lucky needs a new home!!

After being rescued by a NYC police officer, Lucky, the aptly named Pit Bull Terrier has been given up to a shelter. Unfortunately for Lucky, the police officer was extremely allergic, and as he grew, so did the allergic reactions. The officer, Andrew Dorsett is heart broken. He only hopes Lucky can find a good loving home now.

Lucky is now in the care of a no-kill animal charity called For Our Friends at the Great Neck Animal Hospital. He has also been renamed Drew in honour of Officer Dorsett.

"We all love him. He's a really sweet, affectionate dog," said Bryan Lewis, who runs For Our Friends. "But we changed his name to Drew in honor of the cop who saved his life."

To adopt Lucky/Drew, call (718) 595-2161, or e-mail fofadopt@nyc.rr.com

Celebrity Roundup!

Some cute shots of Sophia Bush, Jessica Biel, Geri Haliwell and Kristin Cavelleri out and about with their pooches.

I just have to say with so many provinces and states adopting BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) I LOVE to see responsible celebs owning and rescuing Pit Bulls (like Jessica and Sophia). Word is Sophia got her pup Patch from Frankie Muniz and he is a rescue from New Orleans!

[photo credit]

Swimming is for the dogs! (like labs, sheppards and retrievers)

So I get to go to Greenwood Conservation Area each week for some off leash fun with my friends Denali and Starr! As soon as we pull up, our butts are wiggling, and we’re so excited to get out of the truck! Off like a shot, we hit the ground running, down the path, through some bushes, past the marsh, until we hit “the Pit”. We spend a bit of time running around, have some water, then off we go again through the trails to the doggie creek.

Well, I like water as much as the next Manchester...to drink, but when it gets really hot, I don’t mind taking a quick dip to cool off my feet. Well, we meet Labs, Golden Retrievers and other larger breeds who are adept swimmers, having their owners toss Frisbees and tennis balls into the creek and they go belly flopping in after them!

So of course my human thinks it’s “cute”, and thinks I want to have a swim. Uhhh, I don’t think so. But scoop alley-oop into the water I go! Before I know it, I’m dog paddling for dear life to get back to solid ground! And when I do, I get a cookie for a good swim!! WHAT??!! Risk my life and you give me a cookie??!!

Needless to say, I spent the rest of our time there on dry land and running through the weeds. Those Labs set a bad example for us land loving pups!

For pups like me who aren't natural water lovers, the introduction of a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) might make all the difference in the world! I've heard you can go from floating like a rock to freestyle champ with one! You should always look for the amount of floatation in each device, the fit and quality of material before purchasing. This doesn't mean your dog shouldn't still be monitored in the water...just like kids, supervision in the pool, lake or creek is invaluable.

Both RuffWear and Dog Paddling Adventures offer PFD's for your pooch.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dog Eared Book Review: Dreaming in Libro: How a good dog tamed a bad woman by Louise Bernikow

Excerpt from Dreaming in Libro:
“Libro freed me from whatever shadows of history stalked my own footsteps. With him by my side, I explored the neighborhood and the city, day or night, as I had never dared do before.”

From the time she looked into the large amber eyes of Libro, there was an unexplainable connection. This touching memoir covers life, love and adventure with an orphaned brindled Boxer. Bernikow, who had never owned a pet in her life, rescues this abandoned puppy on a whim and embarks on a new journey. Dreaming in Libro is a poignant story not often written about: the love and bond that develops between woman and dog.

With the beautiful backdrop of New York City to their summer in the Hamptons and book tours in between, Dreaming in Libro is a must read. So beautifully written, it draws the reader in as if they are the one embarking on the adventure of being owned by a dog. She has written the story we all want to write. One of love, friendship, laughter and tears. “How a good dog tames a bad woman.”

You can find this book online at Amazon.com

Monday, July 9, 2007

Heros star Hayden Panettiere out with her dogs

Here is Hayden Panettiere, cast member one of my human's favourite shows, Heros, takes her two dogs — Penny Lane and Madison — for a walk around the Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon. Isn't she cute!!
[source + photo credit]

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Dog Running: Fitness for Fido while you're at work

According to a story published at the Star Tribune Dog Running seems to be the next big thing in pet care. Instead of hiring a Dog Walker, busy "pawrents" can now employ the services of a Dog Runner.

Companies like NYC Dog Running Company and Running Paws Dog Fitness, offer 30 and/or 45 minute dog runs.

Having your dog enjoy a run during the day while you are at work is a great workout mentally as well as physically. High energy breeds would definitely benefit from a Dog Running service. If you pooch is prone to separation anxiety or destructive behaviour, this might be a service to look into to refocus that energy.

Always, ALWAYS check with your vet to ensure your pooch is up to the challenge of running. And keep in mind the weather, in both hot and cold temperatures. Extreme hot or colde pavement is hard on doggie paws, and we always want to stay hydrated!
[photo credit]

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Eaten Alive!

LOVE OFF LEASH PARKS! HATE MOSQUITOES!! So what’s a dog to do? Grin and bear it, and hope my human gets me some dog friendly bug spray! Hitting the local off leash parks with my partners in crime, Denali, Faith and Starr we often go in the evening when the little critters are most deadly!

When enjoying the outdoors this summer, whether hiking, camping or just out for your evening walk the don’t use DEET on pets, as it can be dangerous if they ingest it. Check out these links or talk to your vet about the bug repellents they recommend.


Health officials recommend to protect your pets the same as you would protect yourself: remain indoors during the periods around dusk and dawn when the mosquitoes are most active, keep windows screened and eliminate mosquito-supporting habitat around your home.

Sources: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, State of Michigan, American Academy of Pediatrics

Michael Vick is a bad man!

Grrrrrrr....investigators have no doubt now that dog fighting was very prevalent on Michael Vick's property. They were back on his property yesterday gathering more evidence. In the initial raid in April, 55 pit bulls were seized. They have also found the graves of at least 7 dead pit bulls. An informant has earlier claimed that there could be up to 30 dogs buried on the property.

No charges have been filed yet, but I hope all people involved get the proper punishment for this deplorable situation!

Vick still claims he was hardly on the property and didn't know what was going on... the Feds allege this has been going on since 2002!! Something definitely stinks in this situation.

So what's to happen to the dogs seized? I hope they can get the rehabilitation needed and be re-homed.


Friday, July 6, 2007

Chewing up Coach Purses is bad!

So today's lesson is never leave valuables on top of the dog crate unless you're prepared to lose them to a crafty idle dog.

See evidence 1a: Coach Purse.

Being left in the crate a bit longer than I particularly wanted..."some puppy" got a bit bored and started pulling at the blanket that covers the crate and discovered the purse strap...which led to the purse...which squeezed through the crate and became a wonderful chew toy!

Needless to say, my human wasn't very happy about it. But that will teach her to leave me home alone so long!

Spotlight Sport: Disc Dog

It's been around since the 1970's, born out of the recreational game of Frisbee, the sport of Disc Dog is continually growing in popularity and evolving in creativity!

There are two basic categories to compete in: Toss and Fetch and Freestyle.

In Toss and Fetch the object is simple. Your dog earns points for distance of which he catches the disc. You have an allotted time (usually 60 seconds) to toss out as many discs as you can, and have your dog catch them all. Many earn extra points if the dog catches the disc completely airborne.

Freestyle is the crowd pleaser! Single handler or Pairs, you choreograph a routine that includes tricks, jumps and of course catching that disc! Anywhere from 60 seconds to 3 minutes you have to wow the judges with your creativity and skill.

If you want a great sport to bond with your pup, or think you have what it takes to be a champion Disc Dog, check out these organizations for local clubs and events. You can also check out your local training centres as many offer classes and seminars for Disc Dog.
Sky Houndz
International Disc Dog Handler's Association
Flying Disc Dog Open
UFO World Cup

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Christina Ricci's cute pooch

Here she is at LAX being picked up by her boyfriend Adam Goldberg and a cute Min Pin! Is it his/hers/theirs?? Can't wait to see more of them!

*UPDATE* The cutie's name is Sheriff Steve Goldberg! Thanks to Celebrity Dog Watcher for always being in the know!

POP DOG of the Week!

New feature!! Check out the side bar for the new POP DOG of the Week!! Every week I'll feature a new pup! If YOU are interested in being featured, just send me an email and answer the following questions:

Favourite Food
Favourite Activity
Fun Fact

Don't forget to include a cute picture of yourself too!

Then just keep checking back each week to see who the new POP DOG of the Week is!

It's raining cats and what?

Who came up with that phrase? According to some mythology, cats were said to have an influence on weather, there are the tales of rains of frogs, fish and such, that are probably due to whirlwind or tornados. But why cats and dogs??

Needless to say, I'm not a fan of rain...here I am, trying to make the best of it, in my cool Old Navy rain coat.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

UK Police dogs honoured for bravery

Police dogs who searched for explosives after the July 7, 2005 London transit bombings were awarded medals for bravery on Tuesday. These pawesome pups were chosen by various UK police forces to aid in sniffing out the bombs after the attacks. Just like the men and women who serve in police and armed services, dogs also put their lives on the line in service to their handlers and are a vital part of any team.

Congrats to Vinnie, a labrador with the British Transport Police, Billy, a Labrador with the City of London Police, and Hubble Keck, a spaniel with the Metropolitan Police (pictured here).

[photo credit]

Happy 4th of July!

To all my American pooch pals, Happy 4th of July!!

To celebrate, get yourself a funky celebratory collar like the one featured on this cute Westie!


Jessica Biel: Celebrity Dog Walker!

Well I've seen many posts and pics about her, and say what you want, she loves her dogs! Arrooo! That's what I like to see...she's got two pitties: Tina and Tavi, plus an unknown sheppard she is often with as well. Exercise and socialization is key, especially for powerful breeds like that!


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pawesome New Journey!

Arrrroooooo! Welcome to Pop Dog Blog!!

I'll be blogging on a variety of topics, from product reviews, cool canine sports, book reviews, celebs and their pooches, training, nutrition...basically all things dog!! Please be patient as I get this blog running smoothly! I will be posting regular features, interviews and hope to add cool contests too!

A bit about me:

I'm a Standard Manchester Terrier (NOT a miniature Doberman - they do not exist!). I'm about 17" tall, terrier through and through, I love to jump, track, RUN and eat!!

The "Pop" in the name is in reference to my lady, who graciously types for me and creates pawesome modern dog portraits! She thinks of me as a Pop Dog, as I am a funky colourful fellow! BOL!

Please feel free to comment, I look forward to barking back! ;o)