Saturday, July 7, 2007

Eaten Alive!

LOVE OFF LEASH PARKS! HATE MOSQUITOES!! So what’s a dog to do? Grin and bear it, and hope my human gets me some dog friendly bug spray! Hitting the local off leash parks with my partners in crime, Denali, Faith and Starr we often go in the evening when the little critters are most deadly!

When enjoying the outdoors this summer, whether hiking, camping or just out for your evening walk the don’t use DEET on pets, as it can be dangerous if they ingest it. Check out these links or talk to your vet about the bug repellents they recommend."target="_blank">"target="_blank">

Health officials recommend to protect your pets the same as you would protect yourself: remain indoors during the periods around dusk and dawn when the mosquitoes are most active, keep windows screened and eliminate mosquito-supporting habitat around your home.

Sources: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, State of Michigan, American Academy of Pediatrics

Michael Vick is a bad man!

Grrrrrrr....investigators have no doubt now that dog fighting was very prevalent on Michael Vick's property. They were back on his property yesterday gathering more evidence. In the initial raid in April, 55 pit bulls were seized. They have also found the graves of at least 7 dead pit bulls. An informant has earlier claimed that there could be up to 30 dogs buried on the property.

No charges have been filed yet, but I hope all people involved get the proper punishment for this deplorable situation!

Vick still claims he was hardly on the property and didn't know what was going on... the Feds allege this has been going on since 2002!! Something definitely stinks in this situation.

So what's to happen to the dogs seized? I hope they can get the rehabilitation needed and be re-homed.