Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dock Dud...

Sooooo, my first experience with jumping off a dock didn't go that well. My human did expect that I wouldn't jump, and well, her expectation was met.

I went up there about 4 times, and I will say I got closer each time...but the pool is just sooooo big!! It looked really deep too!!

So we sat in the bleachers and watched the other dogs jump. MAN–were they amamzing!! I saw Forrest Gumpy (the Parson Russell Terrier) jump 17 feet!!! Apparently he was having an "off" day! BOL! He was just my size, so he gave my human some hope for me!

An awesome Border Collie named Diesel jumped 22 feet!!!

I walked to the ramp and sipped at the water.

Well, tomorrow is a new day, we didn't compete in our wave today just did some practice time, so we're going back tomorrow to try again. I'm probably going to get to go to the beach for some water practice today! That's definitely an upside!