Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Manchester's Rocked at the FCI Agility World Championships!

Finally found some video on the two Manchester Terrier's that competed at the FCI AWC last weekend!

BIG CONGRATS to Stephanie Tiemann and Chilly for winning a silver medal in the Medium Individual class!! WHOOOO-HOOOOO!!! You are a team HM and I aspire to be like!! You can see more of this team at their YouTube page HERE!

Another team was from the Czech Republic: Eva Sulcova and Jimy. They had a bobble, but represented well!!! There were only 2 Manchester Terrier's out of the WHOLE field of dogs!! (mostly made up of Border Collies and Shelties!)

The courses were really tricky with lots of twists and turns!! Congrats to all the dogs and handlers who competed!!

Here are videos of both teams:

Steffi + Chilly

Eva + Jimy