Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well today pups, I celebrate my SECOND Birthday! So Happy Birthday to me! BOL! As you know I got a cool new bed, and I'm sure HM will be coming home with some yummy treats after work for me!

I get to go romp at the dog park today as it's my usual day with my dog walker Trish. What a pawfect birthday!

For a little history on me and where I came from, check out my breeders website for pics of my doggie pawrents, Jazzy & D'Artagnon (and some puppy pics of me!).

Here's a snapshot of my life in the last two years:

My first night home. With my uncle Marlie.

Here I am again on that first night. Hiding under the table.

Me lookin' all gangsta in my hoodie!

Playing tug with a facecloth!

Hooking up with some of my Mannie friends at the beach last summer. (I'm on the right).