Sunday, July 29, 2007

Breed Spotlight: The Basenji

So I was at Greenwood yesterday and met two new little dogs. They were Basenji's. My human was smitten. She confessed this was the breed she looked at before picking me (WHAT?!). So naturally, I was curious about these pups...and wanted to see what the hype was about.

Well, the Basenji is a sighthound. It is small and agile (like me!), and adapts well to most living conditions. It comes in three different colour combos with ears that stand up and a curly tail.

According to the Basenji Club of Canada it's said to be of ancient origin, this hunting breed was valued for its speed, intelligence, and silent workmanship. They have excellent sight, very mobile ears, and an outstanding sense of smell. The Basenji is often called the “African Barkless” dog, but it is not mute. It can howl, growl and snarl. In addition it can make a yodeling noise and puppies can crow like roosters.

What I loved was their willingness to play, chase and be gentle around new pups and people. I admit, these two i met were quite cute. One was red and white, the other tri-colour.

They are said to make great pets, but can be a challenge to train. So you must be disciplined to take one on. They are quite independent. For more info, check out the Basenji Clubs in Canada and the US.

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Anonymous said...

To learn more about basenjis and see a list of basenjis needing rescue in the United States and Canada, go to the Basenji Rescue & Transport webpage at:

Simba said...

Thanks Anonymous!! I should have listed the rescue group also!

Luvi said...

This Photo is form Italia, there are Lupin (red), Anais and Baghera (tricolor) my basenjis
form Basenji in Italia