Friday, February 15, 2008

Back to School!

Well pups, I'm back to school tonight! HM and I are doing a one night workshop called Total Recall.

Basically it will give HM new tools to help ensure a reliable recall every time I'm called when off leash. But what I say is if my pup pals at the park or the sweet smells they leave behind are more interesting...why can't she just wait until I'm done? Humans are so impatient sometimes! :o)

Here's the class description:
Are you tired of chasing after your dog, or simply waiting while he slowly looks up, sniffs and finally ambles over to you after he has been called? Would you like a red-hot recall? This workshop will give you the knowledge to confidently teach your dog to come back each and every time you call him. The theory behind the perfect recall will be discussed, along with exercises and games to help keep things fun and interesting for both you and your dog.