Sunday, September 30, 2007

I did a 5k for the cure!

Hellllooooo pups! What a beautiful Sunday! The weather is just pawesome in the northeast today!

I was very proud to be part of Team Dane Train as we all participated in the CIBC Run for the Cure, in support of The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!

We were a team consisting of 7 Great Dane's, 1 Pug, 1 Corgi mix, a Chihuahua and Chihuahua mix and of course, ME (oh yeah, and our humans!).

We attracted a lot of people to our little group...the Dane's being so big, and the Chi's so small! What fun! And for such a great cause! The run was happening all across Canada today, and in our little region, we raised $500,000 today!!! Paws up to everyone!

Also, Lin, Dane Train's group organizer made all us pups special collars that had pink ribbons to support the Breast Cancer cause! Visit her pawesome website to order yours! Proceeds go to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!

Our team!

relaxing before the 5k!

Team Berner Buddies: Bernese Mountain Dogs and their humans

Me and my human mom!

On the walk

Friday, September 28, 2007

Dog Days: Pawesome New Book!

Dog Days, a new coffee table book about to be released (October, 2007), showcases the photography of Gandee Vasan and is absolutely stunning. You can check out some of her work on her website (just click Dog Days). Definitely a great gift idea for the upcoming holiday season!

[photo credit]

A Dog's Breed Is NOT Its Destiny!

I love bully breeds. My human has socialized me since I was a puppy to as many kinds of dogs as she could, so I would not be timid or afraid of dogs I might encounter on our daily walks. From the time I was a puppy in daycare, my best friend was a Pit Bull named Titan. Back when I was only 10-14lbs, the daycare workers would tell my human that I was the alpha in the daycare...even over Titan!! He was the sweetest pup, and just like Cesar mentions in this article, it's all about positive experiences and proper education and care to have a balanced dog. Here in Ontario, all Pit Bull/Staffie breed must wear a muzzle when going outside or risk being taken away to a shelter. We have a saying around here: Ban the Deed, NOT the Breed.

This article is taken from Yahoo! Pets columnist, Cesar Milan. Regardless of your attitudes towards his style of training, this is a good article, and perhaps if you see a bully breed on a walk with their human, don't be so afraid to stop and sniff and say hello!
Millions and millions of human beings in this world understand what it's like to struggle under the weight of a negative stereotype. That's why many human societies are finally evolving past racism, sexism, religious intolerance, and other forms of bigotry. So why is it that most people don't think twice when they make the sweeping assumption that all pit bulls and all Rottweilers are vicious killing machines, or that all Jack Russell Terriers are non-stop, hyperactive balls of energy?

The truth is that although inborn breed traits can indeed be a powerful influence on a dog's behavior, they are absolutely not the driving behavioral factors of a dog that is balanced and has a strong, consistent pack leader! In most dogs (those that have not been irreparably damaged by human cruelty), the darker traits of any breed can be overcome by consistently fulfilling the dog physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I've met many people who are conditioned to fear pit bulls, and who assume the strongest drive in all pit bulls is the instinct to attack and kill. But if my mellow pit bull Daddy were the first pit bull you'd ever met, you'd have no reason to believe that at all. The tendency of a dog to engage in breed-related destructive behavior is usually just a reaction to a lack of physical and mental stimulation. Like any other breed, pit bulls have the capacity to be family-friendly, loving, mellow animals. I'd argue that any pit bull would rather reach its potential as a calm, submissive family pet than as the belligerent gladiator that dog fighters try and breed them to be.

So how did my pal Daddy become this shining ambassador for the pit bull breed? A steady regimen of exercise, discipline, and affection -- begun when he was only four months old -- took advantage of his inborn desire for leadership and structure. And even some of the pit bulls that come to my pack as survivors of terrible dog-fighting culture abuse have been -- with consistent attention paid to fulfilling their basic needs -- able to shed their breed stereotypes and simply relax and enjoy life as dogs.

I often say that a dog is animal first, then dog, then breed, then name. So if a dog's breed is only his "suit," as it were, then you as the owner have the responsibility to take control over the "outfit" your dog puts on every morning.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Manchester Moment

Well, it's been a really slow week, just the usual, going for walks, hanging out at the dog park, sniffing the dogs in my neighbourhood.

Enjoy this Manchester photo Moment.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Juice Boxes and Chip Crumbs

Sorry pups, for the delay in's been kinda boring the last few days! What's with the title you ask? Well, as you know, I live beside an elementary school. I get to go run off-leash in the back field during my morning and sometimes night-time walks. But since school has started again, my human's been limiting my off-leash fun there!

Why you ask? Juice boxes and chip crumbs! It seems the children use the field during lunch and recess, and instead of taking their trash to the bins, many decide to just leave it where they've finished it, in the field! So when I go running through the field, I find these goodies, and my human spends lots of time trying to catch or coerce me back to her so she can throw them away.

Why would she want to do that? Have you ever played with a juice box?? It's soooooo much fun! You can squeeze it, toss it, rip it AND you get a sweet tasting of leftover juice in the box!! YUM! (Human's can be such pawty poopers!)

There also seems to be an excessive amount of plastic baggies with various chip and cracker crumbs from snack time. Again, I enjoy the crumbs...why not go with the flow? Hrrmmmphf! Humans are funny sometimes. But I do enjoy the game of chase I put on when she's trying to get the baggie from me! Arrooooo! So much fun!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dock Dud...

Sooooo, my first experience with jumping off a dock didn't go that well. My human did expect that I wouldn't jump, and well, her expectation was met.

I went up there about 4 times, and I will say I got closer each time...but the pool is just sooooo big!! It looked really deep too!!

So we sat in the bleachers and watched the other dogs jump. MAN–were they amamzing!! I saw Forrest Gumpy (the Parson Russell Terrier) jump 17 feet!!! Apparently he was having an "off" day! BOL! He was just my size, so he gave my human some hope for me!

An awesome Border Collie named Diesel jumped 22 feet!!!

I walked to the ramp and sipped at the water.

Well, tomorrow is a new day, we didn't compete in our wave today just did some practice time, so we're going back tomorrow to try again. I'm probably going to get to go to the beach for some water practice today! That's definitely an upside!

Friday, September 21, 2007

TGIF! Beaches, Playdates and a little Search and Rescue!

WOW! What an eventful Friday!

My human had the day off today, so we had LOTS of fun! First, this afternoon we walked down to the lake front for a little romp on the beach! I had soooo much fun! We were practicing getting me into the water and really chasing my West Paw floatie in preparation for my DockDogs debut tomorrow.

Then we came home, napped a bit, and Denali's human called. Can I go out to Greenwood to play??!! YES! So we hit the trails for a hike and another dip in the creek. I meet all kinds of cool dogs today. Then, on the way back, it started getting dark. Fast. I wasn't scared, it's my job to protect the ladies! But when we were almost out of the trails we came across another family with two big dogs. One was a German Sheppard, and when he came sniffing at Starr (a Chihuahua) she got a bit freaked out and took off to hide in the bushes.

Only, we couldn't see where she went. And she wouldn't come out.

Her human was really scared. So we split up and were looking for her, calling her name, she wouldn't come out. I stayed in the woods with my human to try to sniff her out, and Starr's human went to the parking area with Denali hoping Starr would find her way to the car.

My human and I heard a noise in the woods. Something was crying. We stood very quiet, trying to figure out it's direction. The we called to her; "Starr! Starr!". We heard the crying again. My human called Starr's human on the phone. "I think we found her..something is crying in the woods."

Something. But not Starr. Starr had made her way back to the parking area and her human found her there!!!! OMD! WHAT IS CRYING IN THE WOODS????

My human FREAKED out and we took off running out of the trails and into the clearing. It was like a scene out of a scary movie! Only we escaped our "fate worse than death!". Phew.

TGIF! But thank god I'm home sweet home!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

DockDogs is coming!!!

I'm very excited pups! Well, to be honest...I'm scared as squirrel in a room full on Mannie's! BOL!

This weekend is Pet Palooza at the local Pickering Flea Market and my human is signing me up to compete in a DockDogs event!! WHOA!

She's been on the message boards, getting great advice on jumping smaller dogs (like moi!) and she's hoping I'm up to task on Saturday.

How do I feel??? I'm man enough to say I'm a little nervous! I mean, it's a BIG pool. Full of water. Water. Did I mention I'm not too keen on swimming?

Yeah, that's what my life jacket is for my human tells me.

Oy! Well, wish me luck, say a little prayer and I'll be sure to tell you all about it on Saturday.

Here's a shot of my buddy, Forrest Gumpy. He's a Parson Russell Terrier. He jumps 19 feet!!!! WOW!! I hope to learn some stuff from him on Saturday!

On the upside–Pet Palooza will have LOTS of shopping for my human to spend money on yours truly! Hope she gets some good deals on new juicy treats!!! Yeeeaaah!

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm going to be an Agility dog!!

My human FINALLY signed me up for some beginner agility lessons!!! It doesn't start until November, but I'm soooo excited!! She's already been practicing some stuff with me at home, and at the park. I even have my own mini tunnel at home! (But I'm kinda scared to go in matter how yummy the treat!).

I'll definitely be blogging weekly after class!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pop Dog of the Week: Jackson

On a lighter note...sorry I've been behind with these pups, I am getting your emails..thanks, keep them coming!

Check out the sidebar: this week's POP DOG is Jackson!

He is a cute Wire Fox Terrier living in England! Visit his blog and check out some of his adventures!

Feeling Neglected

That's right pups. I'm feeling neglected. My human pawrents don't have regular 9-5 jobs. Sometimes it's a good thing. They can be home during the day with me. But this weekend, it was a bad thing. See, my human dad works in a gym running a martial arts program. My human mom is a designer/artist. So this weekend both were busy with "work".

The worst part is human mom was at home doing this "work"! So to me, I thought we'd have lots of time to play and snuggle. But she kept "shooing" me out of her art room so she could paint – ok, so trying to lay across her feet while she's trying to move around isn't such a good thing...

Some nerve! So even though I've got lots of toys, they weren't good enough. I moped around looking pathetic...trying to get some sympathy. It didn't work. Maybe if I ignore them they'll remember how bad it feels!

What do you pups do when you're feeling this way??

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Salty Dogs are here!

I'm so happy to tell you about my friend Molly's new book! Well, it's her human's new book, but Molly's in it!!

It's called Salty Dogs, and it's a cute little book about dogs at the beach!

Her human is a pawesome photographer, and has her own daily blog of great beach shots of dogs.

Check your local bookstore or get your copy online at Amazon! Happy reading!

Friday, September 14, 2007

They're taunting me...

Those DARN seagulls!!! We're on our walk (I'm leashed...) and they sit in the parking lots...laughing...ooooohhhh I want to get them sooo bad!! Grrrr human mom is not letting me off the leash...she KNOWS I want to get them. Stupid birds.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Meet my Brother Rocco... from another mother! BOL!

Here we are from the Mannie Meet-up...thick as thieves! I love you man!


So my human felt soooo bad for me peeing on the ball...she mixed a disinfectant and went back to clean the ball off!! Isn't she crazy!! BOL!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So this morning I did something I probably shouldn't have...

We were out for our morning walk, and went to the field behind my apartment for me to run around off leash for a bit. That's when I we saw it. Big shiny red ball at one end of the field. So off I ran to go give it a sniff. My human thought she might kick it around for me to chase...but before she got to it...

I lifted my leg and peed all over it!!! Oooops!

"SIMBA! How could you??!!" my human asked, clearly mortified. I gave the puppy eyes, "who me?" look and she tried to kick it around the wet grass to get some of the pee washed off.

I think she's going back with a garbage bag to throw the ball away...or with a bottle of water and disinfectant to clean it off.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Funny things we bark at

So my human and I went for a run tonight. We started through our neighbourhood streets and something strange caught my eye. I slowed down and started to growl. My human looked at me wondering what was up. I started to stalk toward my prey, inching closer–but not too close before deciding if it was friend or foe.

"Silly Simba, it's just a tipped over recycling bin! LOL!"

Oh. I knew that. I still gave it the once over sniff know, just to make sure, then we continued on our run.

Do you pups ever bark at silly things?? I'd love to hear about it! Leave your comments!

Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm a model!

My human invited local professional dog photographer Peter Organa to our Mannie Meetup on the weekend. He was very nice and had a very friendly Corgi named Winter.

Here are two of the photos he took of me. I wasn't very co-operative with him though. Can you blame me? I just wanted to play with my fellow pups!

To see more of his AMAZING work, visit his website.

[photo credit]

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mannie Madness!

Oy! I'm soooo tired! The meetup today was sooooo much fun!! Not everypup showed up...but there was about 7 Mannie's in total, and a lot of other dogs too! It was a gorgeous day for the beach, and much fun was had by all!

It was really pawesome to see Toy Manchesters (TMT) together with Standard Manchesters (SMT). You can really see the size difference. We're cute in all sizes aren't we??!! BOL!

My human fell in love with Leroy. She wanted to take him home. Hmpf. I wasn't too impressed by that idea.

Leroy is smitten with my Chi friend Starr

Me and Rocco (SMTs) meeting Leroy (TMT) for the first time

Me and Rocco letting Leroy know his place in our pecking order.
(He's not so cute now is he Human Mom?! Hmpf.)

Me, Coco and my girl Denali on the beach

Mannie Madness!! TMTs and SMTs with a little Chi thrown in!

Cooling off in the lake

Beautiful TMT Betty

Mannie Meetup Today!!!

OMD!! I'm soooo excited! Today I'm going to a Manchester Meetup!! We're all meeting at Cherry Beach in Toronto, and there will be approximately 15-20 Mannie's there!!! It'll be soooo much fun!

My human will be taking lots of pictures!! I'll post about it later!

Have a great day everypup!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Seagull Surprise!

I scared the heck out of my human today. She thought I was a goner. Doesn't she know I'd never leave?

Let me back up and tell you the story from the beginning.

We came out for our morning walk and went to the back field, where I could have some off-leash time. That was when I saw it. Across the field, a white target, clear as day. She had to know I would chase it. Didn't she? (Canada Geese story anypup??)

Apparently not. But my hunting instincts kicked into overdrive, and off I went after it. Well I got up close until the stupid thing noticed me and took off. It flew towards the football field, so turning on a dime, I started on my path tracking it down. I went over the hill and down into the football field, where my human lost sight of me. That's when she began to panic a little.

But once that dang seagull flew off, I turned right around and came back to her! Whew! What a rush! But I get my leash firmly strapped back on, and we go home.

The seagull may have won today...but he's wanted now. And I like to get what I want!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Run, Simba Run!

Hey pups! Our schedule has been sooo busy lately, I apologize for the lack of posting!

So my human did something crazy today...she signed up for a 10km race in October! Now she enjoys running, and even trained last year and ran a half-marathon! But has since been more on the lazy side...basically thanking me for making sure she at least walks two hours a day when she takes me on walks/hikes.

So what did I make her do tonight?? RUN!

I'm a great motivator, and made her take me running tonight! It was soo much fun! I was chasing her around the football field! She did get a bit mad at me cause I wouldn't let her run without trying to jump up at her every so often. BOL!

I'll have her whipped into shape in no time!

The cool thing, is she's running her race at the Toronto Zoo! She'll get to see all the animals as she runs throughout the zoo. Too bad I won't be able to go. :o( No dogs allowed.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Online Dog Coupons! Save some $$!

Check out Doggie Coupons for some dog related coupons. FYI: The coupons available are mostly for online shopping. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pop Dog of the Week: Cashew

Hey everypup! This week's POP DOG is the lovely Cashew, a chocolate Min Pin from Ohio! Check her out in the side panel!

If you want to be featured, just email me your picture and answer the following questions:

Favourite Food
Favourite Activity
Fun Fact

Whoopi, what were you thinking??

Please check out the Dogster Blog for this entry. Apparently, today on The View, Whoopi Goldberg made some comments about the Michael Vick case, basically defending his actions. Grrrrr.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up: TAGS Rescue BBQ & Visit to Grammie's House

Hey pups! Whew, what a busy weekend! I'll try to wrap it all up in one pull up a chair, grab a snack and get comfortable!

Saturday: TAGS Rescue BBQ & Cornroast
My human mom and I headed to the TAGS Rescue (The Animal Guardian Society) annual BBQ & Cornroast. My buddies Coby and Oz told me about this great organization in our area, and I knew I had to go and show my support.

Unfortunately, my human left the house without the all she had wast her PDA to take photos and video with. The pics are pretty bad...I apologize!

When we arrived, it was great! I got a free back of Beggin' Strips!! Arooo! Then I noticed the "Dog Jail" set up outside the dog run for misbehaving pups. I knew I did not want to get sent there! (Luckily, I didn't see any pups in there all day!)

So I met up with Coby and Oz, and was introduced to some really cool pups! There was a Doberman named Duke, he was so playful! Another Dobe, chocolate colour, named Cesar. A few Jack Russell's that I bugged the heck out of! (see video...)

We ran and played for about 2 hours!! They had fun dog games too! Bobbing for hot dogs! (I didn't do too well at this game...but my buddy Oz placed first!!)

I managed to get some corn too!! There were kids at the park, and of course, they left some food droppings around the BBQ area!

Well here's some video of my day there! Enjoy!


Sunday: Trip to Human Grammie's House
My humans had a wedding to go to, so I got to go to my Grammie's house for the day. I usually have lots of fun there...she has a cat I like to try to play with!

But when we arrived, my humans just dropped me off, put my leash in Grammie's hand and said feed me at 6:00pm, then left!!! LEFT!!!!

I was a bit confused, and although Grammie took me on lots of walks that day, most of the time in the house, I spent looking out the window and sulking, waiting for my humans to come home.

I was sooo excited when they came to get me that night!! I got to sit in my human dad's lap the whole way home! I wouldn't stop giving him kisses. I know, I'm supposed to be a big tough guy, but hey, I like to know where my humans are and am happy when we're all back together.

Banished from the Bed!!

OMD!! I've been banished from the bedroom where my humans sleep!! Can you believe it?? I can't!!

Well my human dad has sensitive skin and has been getting hives, and he now thinks he might *gulp* have an allergy to me!!

So until it goes away, I'm not allowed to snuggle in the big bed anymore. This, pups, is a very sad day.

Keep your paws crossed that it goes away, and I'll be able to snuggle under the cover again soon with my humans!!

Until then, I'll just have to enjoy my Sleeping Bag Bed.

Sorry, it's the long weekend!

Ok pups, I know you depend on me for my daily blogs, but here in North America it's Labour Day weekend, so I've been away on some adventures! (which, of course I'll be posting about!) Keep your eyes open!