Monday, August 6, 2007

Pitbull kills Michael Vick: Great Video!!

Much love to Rox for sending me the link to this YouTube video! Enjoy!!

Product Review: Trixie and Peanut Sleeping Bag Bed

This awesome little bed was specially designed for pets that like to burrow under the covers, like me! It is lightweight, made of cozy fleece and nylon, is reversible, 100% machine-washable and just perfect for the crate, or pet on the go!

I love my Sleeping Bag Bed!

The Sleeping Bag Bed is available in three colour combinations: orange nylon with grey fleece, pink nylon with chocolate brown fleece and black nylon with black fleece. It is available in Small, Medium + Large to accommodate pets of all sizes. A Trixie + Peanut exclusive.

Special shout out to my pal Gibbon who shipped this to me from their NYC flagship store!

Actor Ving Rhames' dogs possibly maul man to death

Another sad day...Bull Mastiff's, belonging to actor Ving Rhames have apparently mauled a man to death at his home in Los Angeles. The man, Jacob Adams was the caretaker for the dogs. It's still unknown if the dogs bites caused the death, or if the man died of heart failure due to the attack.

Rhames was not home at the time.

Our hearts go out to the family of Jacob Adams, and to the Mastiffs...whose time with us will probably come to an end.

So PLEASE if you are going to own a large or bully breed dog, take the time, learn about your breed and provide proper and consistent training to have a balanced, well mannered dog, so tragic incidents like this don't occur again.