Saturday, July 14, 2007

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Chicago area cops bust dog fighting operation

Even amidst all the Michael Vick allegations, dog fighting is continuing in other parts of the United States. A bust in South Holland, Illinois yesterday found on the property a well insulated barn, to keep noise down from neighbours, and 37 dogs, from puppies to adults in various conditions. Most of them appeared to be Pit Bulls.

This is just one of the worst cases of animal cruelty...what will become of these dogs bred to fight? It really breaks my heart that in 2007 people still take pleasure in seeing dogs fight to the death...for sport and money. Grrrrr.

An except taken from the Chicago Tribune:

A horrific process

"The process by which a happy puppy is transformed into a brutal fighter is simple: First, break the animal's will by keeping it in the dark, in a cramped cage without adequate food or water, and, on occasion, batter it with loud music. Then, once the animal is reduced to a shell, rebuild it physically and mentally through better feeding, strength training and beatings and torture to make it angry. Then, take it out and bet money on what essentially are death matches."

A 29 year old man has been arrested. Apparently not his first time in trouble over dog fighting. I urge you to lobby local government to make stiffer penalties for animal cruelty.

I'll try to keep you posted on what happens with this story.