Friday, December 28, 2007

Goals for 2008

So, what are your goals for 2008?? More belly rubs? Get in shape? Learn some new tricks?

My human mom got a bit lazy this year and wants to get back in tip top condition, so with my help we're going to start jogging again (weather permitting during the rest of winter). But living in an apartment building, we'll be hitting the stairs for some great endurance and muscle building training!

My goals will be to continue my foundation training in agility, learn all I can and hopefully attend some fun matches this summer!

I also plan to take up tracking in the spring too! I'm very excited about this sport and since we dogs are "naturals", I know I can be good at it! I've done some basic tracking in the house (like hide and seek of toys and treats) and love to sniff out squirrels and other dogs outside! I'll keep you all posted this spring as classes begin.

Here's some vid of tracking in progress

Let me know what your goals are for the upcoming year!