Friday, April 4, 2008

Fast n' Furry debuts this weekend!

The big show is here! April 4-13 the Fast n' Furry team will be performing at the Toronto Home Show!

I'm a junior member, and will be performing in a few games all week! I can't wait!!

I'll blog about my performances, and hopefully will be able to get some pics up by the end of next week!!


Fast n’ Furry - Man’s Best Friend and Family Favorite

You will be left panting when you see the amazing Fast n’ Furry showcase. This show is a continuous line up of fantastic dogs showing off their talent by performing flips, spins, and speed and comedy antics! You will see a variety of fast agility, Frisbee freestyle, and the ever-popular action packed team race called “Flyball”. Head to the Doggy Lounge after the show and shake paws with the stars!

Feel free to join us for Pawtographs and after show conversation, come meet and greet the stars and pet them with praise for their fantastic performances. This is also a great opportunity to speak with our Canine Crazy Team and find out how you can get started in building a Fun Rewarding Relationship with your canine Family member.