Friday, August 29, 2008

New Dogpark!

So now that I'm living in downtown Toronto, HM has been wondering where I'll burn my energy AND get to 'wrassle' with some local dogs.

The answer: Trinity Bellwoods Park. HM has heard this park had a good off leash area, so today she FINALLY took me to it! She was a little nervous, cause another local park, Stanley Park which is sort of an "un-official" dog park...well, we had a bad experience there a few nights ago. There is one section that is a bit open and I got spooked by a Basset Hound and took off through the opening out of the park! I stopped outside the fence..but naturally HM was super scared.

The Dog Bowl

So today, she decided to try Trinity see if it was going to be a good place for me to get my zoomie on!

Boy was it!! ( wasn't without incident either...)

View of Dog Bowl from the top of the park

It's at the north end of a large park that includes tennis courts, bike paths, a big kiddie park, greenhouse, etc. A really big greenspace in the middle of the downtown area.

The off leash area is called the "Dog Bowl" cause it's literally in a bowl like crevice of the park. So the dogs are less likely to run out/away. "Less likely". Unless you like to play the game of chase...*ahem* like me.

Me, with a JRT and a cute Lab puppy

So we had some fun, I met some cool dogs, big dogs, little dogs...all friendly....then 2 young girls come down to the park with a red Min Pin. This little guy was still on leash...something I've heard you shouldn't really do in an off leash, cause he can get defensive as all the off leash dogs are coming for a sniff and he can' properly meet/greet while on leash.

Of course, I headed up the meet/greet party..and the dog started to spin around and around it's owner...tying her up a bit. HM saw his fur go up too...just as she was going to ask the owner to untangle but carefully watch her dog, and perhaps get him away from the situation...she popped off his leash and with all of us sniffing him...he bolted!! Well, to me, he said, "CHASE ME!!" I did..and he went right up the hill and out of the park!! "Oh FUN!".

HM...NOT HAPPY....she and the Min Pin owner gave chase and the little Min Pin took us into the parks parking lot where it's car was. The game ended there. HM caught up to me...a bit mad...and put me back on my leash!! I mean, this dog WANTED me to chase him, non??

She brought me back to the park..just to let the other owners know we weren't hurt or run over by a car. Not sure if I'll be going back. I hope was FUN!