Sunday, July 8, 2007

Dog Running: Fitness for Fido while you're at work

According to a story published at the Star Tribune Dog Running seems to be the next big thing in pet care. Instead of hiring a Dog Walker, busy "pawrents" can now employ the services of a Dog Runner.

Companies like NYC Dog Running Company and Running Paws Dog Fitness, offer 30 and/or 45 minute dog runs.

Having your dog enjoy a run during the day while you are at work is a great workout mentally as well as physically. High energy breeds would definitely benefit from a Dog Running service. If you pooch is prone to separation anxiety or destructive behaviour, this might be a service to look into to refocus that energy.

Always, ALWAYS check with your vet to ensure your pooch is up to the challenge of running. And keep in mind the weather, in both hot and cold temperatures. Extreme hot or colde pavement is hard on doggie paws, and we always want to stay hydrated!
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