Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cuteness Alert!

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UPDATE! On Flood Victim Nancy Punches

As I posted back in December, beloved Foxhound breeder, Nancy Punches narrowly survived the massive floods in Washington State. Here is an update, courtesy of The American Foxhound Club.

Nancy is doing good. She is still in the hospital but they have moved her to another room and she has a room mate so she is not alone. There had been reports of a foxhound found on sat, however this was not true, however there is good news there was a live foxhound found and rescued and airlifted out with Nancy. Nancy just didn't remember it. It was found in her front yard buried up to his neck in mud. He has been vetted and is doing fine and is staying with a close friend of Nancy's and mine Sarah Ann. She is also keeping the puppies.

Sarah Ann is a Dalmatian Breeder from Washington State and she also owns a foxhound from Nancy. So the puppies are in good hands. On a sad note...... Sarah Ann went to Nancy's house on sat and found 7 dogs that had died in the house and 8 that had died in the kennel. There are few more unaccounted for but at this time we all feel that they too have perished. Please keep Nancy in your prayers.

Thanks for your continued support and interest in this story.
FYI: The puppies are named: Faith, Moses, Noah and Spirit. We wish Nancy and the puppies well!