Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What I want for Christmas...

is the Chilly Dogs Great White North coat. I covet this coat. It comes in a pawesome turquoise fleece that contrasts my fur quite nicely!

Puuuhhhllleeeeezzzze Santa Paws!! I've been a good pup all year!! (well, mostly....but good enough!!!)

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Manchester Terrier vs. Doberman vs. Min Pin

My buddies, Wiley and Fivel, left a comment that I hear a lot. They thought I was a Doberman, or some kind of off shoot (I'm also always confused with being a Min Pin). So for them, and you, a little "edumaction"!

I am a Standard Manchester Terrier (not a miniature Doberman - they do not exist!). I'm about 17" tall, 24lbs, terrier through and through, I love to jump, track, RUN and eat!!

Appearing in the form we know today in the late 1800s the longevity of this breed should be recognized. Writings referring to an earlier version of the breed (the English Black and Tan Terrier) date back almost 400 years, making the Manchester one of the oldest breeds of terrier currently recognized. [source]

It is believed that some Manchester Terrier genes were used among many other breeds to create the Doberman we know today (hence the similarities in look). [source]

Miniature Pinschers even pre-date the Doberman. They too are a cross breed of the Dachshund and the Italian Greyhound. [source]
Originally we were bred as ratters, and even participated in various sports pitting us against rats in a fight. Once that was outlawed, some fanciers decided to refine the breed. By using a Whippet cross they were able to transform the breed from the rough coated, rugged terrier of the ratters to the sleek, elegant, gentleman's companion we now know.

Another factor is colour. Where Doberman's and Min Pin's come in either Black & Tan, Chocolate or Stag Red, the Manchester Terrier is only found to be Black & Tan in colour.

The Manchester now appears as two varieties in North America, distinguished primarily by weight: Toys up to, but not exceeding 12 lb., and Standards 12-22 lb.
If you want an awesome site that breaks it down...check out Ebet Toy Manchester website. Here are some pics from their site.

Toy Manchester Terrier, Standard Manchester Terrier, German Pinscher, Doberman Pinscher
Here's a little video of me playing at the park with my Doberman buddy, Vegas. He is about 8 or 9 months old...so he will still get bigger. I, on the other hand, am full grown. Enjoy!