Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dog Eared Book Review: Dreaming in Libro: How a good dog tamed a bad woman by Louise Bernikow

Excerpt from Dreaming in Libro:
“Libro freed me from whatever shadows of history stalked my own footsteps. With him by my side, I explored the neighborhood and the city, day or night, as I had never dared do before.”

From the time she looked into the large amber eyes of Libro, there was an unexplainable connection. This touching memoir covers life, love and adventure with an orphaned brindled Boxer. Bernikow, who had never owned a pet in her life, rescues this abandoned puppy on a whim and embarks on a new journey. Dreaming in Libro is a poignant story not often written about: the love and bond that develops between woman and dog.

With the beautiful backdrop of New York City to their summer in the Hamptons and book tours in between, Dreaming in Libro is a must read. So beautifully written, it draws the reader in as if they are the one embarking on the adventure of being owned by a dog. She has written the story we all want to write. One of love, friendship, laughter and tears. “How a good dog tames a bad woman.”

You can find this book online at Amazon.com