Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wascally Wabbits, Canada Geese and the Joys of Running Free!

So last night during our late night walk, I encountered a rabbit! I almost didn't even notice him, since it was so dark out. But then we almost walked right into him! He took off across a church lawn...then stopped right in the middle. I guess he though he was safe. Hehe. He doesn't know me very well!

Too bad my human mom wasn't so accommodating! She wouldn't let go of my leash, but she did run with me onto the lawn to scare the bunny! I would have caught that wascally wabbit if I had the proper chance.

So this morning we got to go to Frenchman's Bay, which is a small little beach area near us, and they have these huge fields for running around. Well, I guess for humans to run around...dogs are supposed to stay on-leash. But it was early, and my human mom let me break the rules!

We played fetch with my West Paw Bow Wowza Ball and I even met a cool dog named Rain who zoomied around the field with me!

But the best part: chasing the Canada Geese!!! Ohhhh I love to chase! There were some geese at the other end of the field, and as soon as I was let off leash, I was off like a rocket! BOL! Those geese took off honking away so fast! BOL! Human mom didn't really like that so much, cause I ran so far so fast, she thought I wasn't going to come back. But I'm a good boy, and I did!

After though, Rain's human mom told us that we could have gotten a ticket for that! YIKES! Apparently, it's illegal to chase the geese...them being our national bird and all. Party poopers.

Pups, there's nothing like the freedom of running off-leash, so make sure you tell your pawrents to try to get you to an off-leash park this weekend and zoomie your little hearts out!!