Thursday, December 20, 2007

RIP Stormy Weather

Hey everyone...bit of a sombre post today. My human mom got a message from her mom that her cat Stormy went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.

He was a rescue cat that showed up at her mom's school portable, where she taught grade 3. Found during blizzardy January weather, he had his paw caught in his collar and my human's mom rescued him. The kids in her class were very excited to have a cat, and when they told their parents, the next day donations rolled brought toys, food, litter and the cat, they named Stormy Weather, he lived in the portable.

Spring break came, and Stormy, now used to the good life, could not be left for a week on his own. My human's mom brought him home, where he lived out his life.

My human mom is very sad today. I'm trying to keep her spirits up, he lived a great life and was loved by all.

RIP Stormy Weather!