Thursday, November 1, 2007


Pups, I write this with heavy paws. Two of my pal, Prissy and Hailey have been stolen! I'm hoping someone out there will read this and see them and contact me!

Here's the story. Their mom is unfortunately serving a small sentence in jail in Neillsville, Wisconsin. During this terrible time, her hubby has decided to pack it in...and did the unthinkable...GAVE AWAY HER DOGS!!!

He is a truck driver in Wisconsin..and claims to have given them away out of state..but won't say where. So they could be anywhere in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota or Illinois.

We are rallying to post info on Pet Finder, Craigs List, Pet Harbour...etc. We can contacted some shelters and have people putting up posters.

PLEASE!! If you know anyone in those states, CROSS POST THIS PLEASE!!!! Send a link to other dog blogs! We are trying to get her babies back! We all met on Dogster, and two wonderful pups are happy to take Prissy and Hailey until their human mom gets out.

Thanks pups.

Prissy - 2 year old Min Pin (black and tan)
Hailey - 3 year old Boxer (brindle tan)


We've even started a new group dedicated to finding them, and all the leads, ideas for finding them. It's called CROSSING PAWS: