Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oprah's dog dies in freak accident

As reported in Star Magazine, Oprah's beloved Golden Retriever Gracie passed away today in a freak accident. The smallest of her three Golden's, Gracie was out for a walk and apparently choked on a small rubber ball.

Gracie first came into Oprah's life in early 2005, and Oprah often said the young dog was one of her babies, who always found her way into mommy's lap. Gracie also graced the cover of O Magazine twice, in 2006 and in January 2007.

I cannot imagine the grief of losing your beloved pet. So we'll all say a prayer for Gracie tonight as she passes over to the Rainbow Bridge.

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Fritz & Russ said...

It certainly sounds like Gracie was Oprah's "one in a million" dog . . . which certainly multiplies the grief of losing Gracie beyond what the human mind can comprehend.
I pray that Oprah finds comfort in her remaining pups and recovers from her grief . . . knowing that Gracie will always be in her heart.