Monday, November 5, 2007

Agility Class: Day One Recap

Soooo...I love my instructor! (can't be because she gives me cookies!) Her name is Brandi Jacques, and she is a world class agility competitor! Check out her blog!

There are mostly small dogs in my class...a really cool French Bulldog, Mini Poodle, Brittany Spaniel and one big dog...a Standard Poodle!

I felt bad for him having to go through the tunnel....he barely fit!!

I was pawesome (of course!) on learning the tunnel and the teeter! (it was flat on the it wasn't scary at all) and we investigated the weaves a bit too!

Brandi said my focus on human mom was top notch! ;o)

I just need to settle down and wait my turn a bit better...I was a bit barky to some of the other dogs...and whined when I couldn't go in the tunnel. :o/

All in all , a great start! My homework is to practice my heeling, and to learn hand touch...which my human mom was already teaching me!! I'm ahead of the game!