Monday, November 26, 2007

2 Plus = Too Much FUN!!

My human and I were at her sisters yesterday baby/puppy sitting her niece, nephew and my 7 month old fur-cousin, Daisy.

WHAT FUN!!! We completely drove my human NUTS, cause it was NON-STOP action! She left thinking 2 dogs is too much...but I say you can never have too much fun!! BOL!

Daisy is a 60lb Golden-doodle. She is so cute and cuddly...but she knows who the boss is! I made sure to establish that early!

Here are some camera-phone pics and video of us playing. It was like this from 3:30pm - 11:00pm!!! My human was exhausted!

BOL! you can see the size difference between me and Daisy!

Snow Video

Whoops...forgot to add the video from our snow day!

Sadly...we had mild temps on Sunday, and it rained today. All the snow has been washed away....for now.