Friday, November 16, 2007

No news is good news! (agility recap: class 2)

Sorry pups, my human mom (who types for me) has been super busy at her new job, and has ignored my repeated requests to blog this week. Grrrrrr.

But I'm back!

I realize I didn't give an agility class re-cap from last I'll do that now.

Class was pawesome! We were introduced to jumps more in this class. Three in a row, which I took with exuberance!! Miss Brandi (my instructor) loved my toy drive! Human mom tosses it as I finish my jump and I go straight for it!

We did some more tunnel work, and I was much better this class too.

We started to learn target training with little plates (I now use a Pringles lid...YUM-Pringles...). That trick is going to take some time to learn!

We were also introduced to the teeter (laying flat on the actual teetering). We just have to get comfy walking on it and listening for our release word (OKAY!).

We don't have class this week, as Miss Brandi is at an agility competition with her two dogs, Soshi and Zona. Let's all wish her GOOD LUCK!