Thursday, April 17, 2008

UPDATE: Missing Min Pin FOUND!! in Austin, Texas

Copy of his family's myspace bulletin


I'm sorry I wasn't able to post a bulletin til now...I was away for work for 2 days and my stupid internet connection on my cell doesn't allow bulletins to be posted!!!! Here is the story....

Steeler was found by a security guard that works at an INM plant that is behind the woods.

He and the girls in the office there have been trying to catch Steeler since Monday, but he was too fast! So he baited a trap with some food and caught 'em!!!

A friend of a friend is a vet tech and went to get him last night, he was feisty, barking and trying to bite...but she gave him food and a warm place to sleep and he has calmed down. The vet saw him today and gave him a clean bill of health.

He was pooping a little blood, but he had apparently eaten a bird from the bones he was passing and some ants too! Wait til I get to squeeze him again!!

Robb is flying out today or tomorrow to get him and bring him home!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for being so wonderful and kind to us during this awfyl time! You are some amazing people!!!

Steeler's Mommy and Daddy, Lee-Ann and Robb


If you have any info...please send to contact below (poster is a link to myspace page):