Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fast n' Furry!

Hellllllo pups! Hope you all had as pawesome a weekend as I did!!

I've been given a great opportunity to tryout for a dog sport performance demo team! It's called Fast n' Furry. They will perform cool agility and flyball races at various sport shows and festivals around the city.

Today was the first practice/tryout.

I'm very green compared to most of the dogs there today, but I got lots of great training and turns at all the games set up.

I LOVE going through tunnels!! I learned a cool sequence to go over 4 flyball jumps into a curved tunnel.

There was a super cute 12 week old Border Collie pup that was sooooo smart! We did a series of barrels to run around, and this little puppy had the moves down!! I've got LOTS of practicing to do! BOL!

Here I am with HM practicing the motion of getting around a "barrel".

Here I am running around the barrel

Both HM and I are completely pooped! But man what a great day! (I ditched agility for this today...sorry Brandi!)