Monday, September 3, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up: TAGS Rescue BBQ & Visit to Grammie's House

Hey pups! Whew, what a busy weekend! I'll try to wrap it all up in one pull up a chair, grab a snack and get comfortable!

Saturday: TAGS Rescue BBQ & Cornroast
My human mom and I headed to the TAGS Rescue (The Animal Guardian Society) annual BBQ & Cornroast. My buddies Coby and Oz told me about this great organization in our area, and I knew I had to go and show my support.

Unfortunately, my human left the house without the all she had wast her PDA to take photos and video with. The pics are pretty bad...I apologize!

When we arrived, it was great! I got a free back of Beggin' Strips!! Arooo! Then I noticed the "Dog Jail" set up outside the dog run for misbehaving pups. I knew I did not want to get sent there! (Luckily, I didn't see any pups in there all day!)

So I met up with Coby and Oz, and was introduced to some really cool pups! There was a Doberman named Duke, he was so playful! Another Dobe, chocolate colour, named Cesar. A few Jack Russell's that I bugged the heck out of! (see video...)

We ran and played for about 2 hours!! They had fun dog games too! Bobbing for hot dogs! (I didn't do too well at this game...but my buddy Oz placed first!!)

I managed to get some corn too!! There were kids at the park, and of course, they left some food droppings around the BBQ area!

Well here's some video of my day there! Enjoy!


Sunday: Trip to Human Grammie's House
My humans had a wedding to go to, so I got to go to my Grammie's house for the day. I usually have lots of fun there...she has a cat I like to try to play with!

But when we arrived, my humans just dropped me off, put my leash in Grammie's hand and said feed me at 6:00pm, then left!!! LEFT!!!!

I was a bit confused, and although Grammie took me on lots of walks that day, most of the time in the house, I spent looking out the window and sulking, waiting for my humans to come home.

I was sooo excited when they came to get me that night!! I got to sit in my human dad's lap the whole way home! I wouldn't stop giving him kisses. I know, I'm supposed to be a big tough guy, but hey, I like to know where my humans are and am happy when we're all back together.

Banished from the Bed!!

OMD!! I've been banished from the bedroom where my humans sleep!! Can you believe it?? I can't!!

Well my human dad has sensitive skin and has been getting hives, and he now thinks he might *gulp* have an allergy to me!!

So until it goes away, I'm not allowed to snuggle in the big bed anymore. This, pups, is a very sad day.

Keep your paws crossed that it goes away, and I'll be able to snuggle under the cover again soon with my humans!!

Until then, I'll just have to enjoy my Sleeping Bag Bed.

Sorry, it's the long weekend!

Ok pups, I know you depend on me for my daily blogs, but here in North America it's Labour Day weekend, so I've been away on some adventures! (which, of course I'll be posting about!) Keep your eyes open!