Friday, July 27, 2007

Ugh...Paris Hilton adds more pups to her family

So we know she loves little dogs...she has many. She brings a few out on occasion, and has now added two more to her brood. A new Chihuahua named Hendrix, and a Yorkie named Cinderella.

My question is....when she's constantly working *ahem* partying and doing the socialite scene...who is taking care of these dogs?? It's been reported on a number of sites that her dogs are often seen running loose in her Beverley Hills neighbourhood.

And where is Tinkerbell?? Seems she's fallen out of favour..we never see her photographed anymore.

For the sake of those pups, I hope she has someone responsible taking care of them while she's gone.

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oO0BUBBLES0Oo said...

OMG!!! MORE dogs?!?!? What is this girl thinking?!?!?!? Paris should be banned from owning dogs.. SERIOUSLY!!

Mommy read somewhere (can't remember where ... think it may have been MODERN DOG, but not sure) that Paris does not favour Tinkerbell anymore because she is TOO FAT. EXCUSE ME?!?!?!? Has Paris lost her mind? Aparantly at 3.5lbs Tinkerbell is TOO FAT and Paris can not be seen with a FAT dog.

Starr, Denali and Faith