Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mannie Madness!

Oy! I'm soooo tired! The meetup today was sooooo much fun!! Not everypup showed up...but there was about 7 Mannie's in total, and a lot of other dogs too! It was a gorgeous day for the beach, and much fun was had by all!

It was really pawesome to see Toy Manchesters (TMT) together with Standard Manchesters (SMT). You can really see the size difference. We're cute in all sizes aren't we??!! BOL!

My human fell in love with Leroy. She wanted to take him home. Hmpf. I wasn't too impressed by that idea.

Leroy is smitten with my Chi friend Starr

Me and Rocco (SMTs) meeting Leroy (TMT) for the first time

Me and Rocco letting Leroy know his place in our pecking order.
(He's not so cute now is he Human Mom?! Hmpf.)

Me, Coco and my girl Denali on the beach

Mannie Madness!! TMTs and SMTs with a little Chi thrown in!

Cooling off in the lake

Beautiful TMT Betty

Mannie Meetup Today!!!

OMD!! I'm soooo excited! Today I'm going to a Manchester Meetup!! We're all meeting at Cherry Beach in Toronto, and there will be approximately 15-20 Mannie's there!!! It'll be soooo much fun!

My human will be taking lots of pictures!! I'll post about it later!

Have a great day everypup!