Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What was she thinking???


HM has really done it this time. She was all excited coming home to tell me she planned a really cool play date for me. Yaaay! Right??

The play date is to go SWIMMING!! The Ontario DockDogs club is having a fun swim in 2 weeks for members.

HM thought it would be "fun" to let me get comfortable with water again. She's determined to get me to jump off the stupid dock. I won't do it! I don't mind going to sniff some new butts and make new friends...but no way am I going in.

Here's a shot of me last year, in my stupid life jacket. Do I look impressed?

Here's video of the #1 DockDog in Canada, Diesel. His owner, Heather McLeod tried to help HM get me off the dock last summer. Hrmpf. Not cool. But whatever, Diesel is a pretty sick dock jumper.