Friday, January 4, 2008

Product Review: PAWZitive Therapy!

Since the temperature is rapidly dropping where I live and the snow, ice and salt seems to be accumulating, like many dogs, my paws are feeling it!

It was a blog entry by my pal Johann that set my human mom in motion! He barked about having sensitive paws to the snow and cold, and now wears booties to protect his paws.

While my own paws seem to stand up fine in the cold temperatures, it's the increase in salt and walking in deep snow that has started to bother me, and dry out the pads on my paws. When the snow gets caked in between my toes I pull up my paw and hobble until my human helps clear it out.

So off to the store she went last night in search for a solution. She found it.

This roll-on stick is great! It's all natural, yes, made of hemp and did a great job of protecting the pads on my paws last night! She just rubbed it on my pads, and off we went. I walked in deep snow, the cold sidewalk, complete with slush and salt and I didn't raise my paws once! She did the same thing this morning, and I was just fine!

"A convenient way to provide year-round soothing, moisturizing relief for cracked pads and skin abrasions in addition to shielded protection from ice, salt and rough surfaces. The benefits of EFA’s, and especially GLA, for healthy skin makes hemp seed oil a highly effective skin care additive. Hemp oil contains an unusually high concentration of EFA’s, making it an ideal natural ingredient for treating dry skin and abrasions. Hemp’s lipid constituents allow it to permeate through intact skin to nourish cells directly while also carrying therapeutic substances with it into the skin. More than 75% of its fatty acids are polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (EFA’s). These impart excellent emollient, lubricating, moisturing and protection properties to the pads of both cats and dogs."
So if you are not ready to don the boots just yet, try one of many conditioning and protection sticks out on the market!