Friday, August 10, 2007

Stuff On My Mutt

HILARIOUS website! Send in those wacky pics I know we all have..and they'll post it here.
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So my human was home early today, and she took me out for a walk and romp in the football field behind our building.

I didn't realize she brought my little yellow frisbee with her for some action! Well I had a breakthrough! She's been practicing little games and trying to get me to catch the frisbee in the air...and today I did it twice!!

She was so very proud of me! I just hope i remember to do it next time! :o) I'll be a Disc Dog before your know it!

Angelina Jolie is Hot! and the Weimaraners ain't bad either!

Thanks to Pop Sugar for the photo!

Angelina Jolie in her new ad for St. John, posing with two gorgeous Weimaraners.