Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So this morning I did something I probably shouldn't have...

We were out for our morning walk, and went to the field behind my apartment for me to run around off leash for a bit. That's when I we saw it. Big shiny red ball at one end of the field. So off I ran to go give it a sniff. My human thought she might kick it around for me to chase...but before she got to it...

I lifted my leg and peed all over it!!! Oooops!

"SIMBA! How could you??!!" my human asked, clearly mortified. I gave the puppy eyes, "who me?" look and she tried to kick it around the wet grass to get some of the pee washed off.

I think she's going back with a garbage bag to throw the ball away...or with a bottle of water and disinfectant to clean it off.