Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cold Shoulder

So I've been giving my pawrents the cold shoulder. I think today will be the end of it, you pups can let me know.

Last night it rained. My pawrents were going out, without me, and wanted me to do my biz before they left.

In. The. Rain.

Needless to say, I was NOT impressed. Of course I couldn't concentrate to go when the rain was beating down on me! What were they thinking??

Anyway, they left me nonetheless and upon their return, I was not speaking to them.

They did look devastated. I almost felt sorry for them. Those sad human eyes, wondering why I wasn't coming for a snuggle on the couch. Such manipulators! They even offered up cookies, thinking that would make everything ok.

They just don't get it. So how long should I make them wait before it's all wags and kisses??

Let me know pups!