Friday, September 21, 2007

TGIF! Beaches, Playdates and a little Search and Rescue!

WOW! What an eventful Friday!

My human had the day off today, so we had LOTS of fun! First, this afternoon we walked down to the lake front for a little romp on the beach! I had soooo much fun! We were practicing getting me into the water and really chasing my West Paw floatie in preparation for my DockDogs debut tomorrow.

Then we came home, napped a bit, and Denali's human called. Can I go out to Greenwood to play??!! YES! So we hit the trails for a hike and another dip in the creek. I meet all kinds of cool dogs today. Then, on the way back, it started getting dark. Fast. I wasn't scared, it's my job to protect the ladies! But when we were almost out of the trails we came across another family with two big dogs. One was a German Sheppard, and when he came sniffing at Starr (a Chihuahua) she got a bit freaked out and took off to hide in the bushes.

Only, we couldn't see where she went. And she wouldn't come out.

Her human was really scared. So we split up and were looking for her, calling her name, she wouldn't come out. I stayed in the woods with my human to try to sniff her out, and Starr's human went to the parking area with Denali hoping Starr would find her way to the car.

My human and I heard a noise in the woods. Something was crying. We stood very quiet, trying to figure out it's direction. The we called to her; "Starr! Starr!". We heard the crying again. My human called Starr's human on the phone. "I think we found her..something is crying in the woods."

Something. But not Starr. Starr had made her way back to the parking area and her human found her there!!!! OMD! WHAT IS CRYING IN THE WOODS????

My human FREAKED out and we took off running out of the trails and into the clearing. It was like a scene out of a scary movie! Only we escaped our "fate worse than death!". Phew.

TGIF! But thank god I'm home sweet home!