Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm Endangered!!

According to The Kennel Club in England, the Manchester Terrier is among several native British/Irish dog breeds that are now considered endangered!

Manchester's usually only produce 2-3 puppies per litter, and many breeders only have 1 litter either every year or every other year...so with around 100 puppies being born and registered in a year, we're now an endangered breed.

The Manchester Terrier or Black and Tan Terriers as it was originally known, [dates] back to the 14oo's and is said to be the oldest English Terrier.

The British Manchester Terrier Club is quite active in promoting the breed and hosting Fun Days to have Manchester owners come out for some fun and show the public how great we are! The Kennel Club has even gone as far as creating a Preservation Trust to help ensure these breeds are sustained.

Unfortunately it's more difficult here in North America. We are scattered coast-to-coast and even having a National Specialty dog show for Conformation usually only brings out a handful of Manchesters.

For more info on Manchester's visit both the Canadian and American Manchester Terrier Clubs.

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