Friday, July 11, 2008

Did You Watch?? Greatest American Dog...ep. 1

So pups...what did you think of "America's Greatest Dog" last night? I have to admit...I was a bit disappointed.

One owner repeatedly telling her dog to "shut-up" when barking....we all know that NEVER works! BOL! Another owner ready to "freaking lose it" when the other humans want to pet her dog..then forcing her dog to perform tasks it obviously doesn't quite understand how to do...

The owners getting so into the competition, they stress their dogs out...then the first contestant, Michael and his cute Boston Terrier Essie, crying when he's getting kicked off.

I's not the best feeling to be the first to go...but this show just it was staged too much for human drama rather than showcasing amazing dog talent.

I will say, I did like the fact that there was diversity of both dogs and handlers...that the show seemed to try to grab every demographic. You can see the love that the humans have for their dogs...but I just hope in competing for money...they don't risk losing their true bond and friendship with their dogs.

Will I watch again?? I might..just to see if the show gets better.....or sadly, worse.