Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Juice Boxes and Chip Crumbs

Sorry pups, for the delay in posting...life's been kinda boring the last few days! What's with the title you ask? Well, as you know, I live beside an elementary school. I get to go run off-leash in the back field during my morning and sometimes night-time walks. But since school has started again, my human's been limiting my off-leash fun there!

Why you ask? Juice boxes and chip crumbs! It seems the children use the field during lunch and recess, and instead of taking their trash to the bins, many decide to just leave it where they've finished it, in the field! So when I go running through the field, I find these goodies, and my human spends lots of time trying to catch or coerce me back to her so she can throw them away.

Why would she want to do that? Have you ever played with a juice box?? It's soooooo much fun! You can squeeze it, toss it, rip it AND you get a sweet tasting of leftover juice in the box!! YUM! (Human's can be such pawty poopers!)

There also seems to be an excessive amount of plastic baggies with various chip and cracker crumbs from snack time. Again, I enjoy the crumbs...why not go with the flow? Hrrmmmphf! Humans are funny sometimes. But I do enjoy the game of chase I put on when she's trying to get the baggie from me! Arrooooo! So much fun!