Monday, May 19, 2008

Product Review: The DogPause Bowl (You can WIN one!)

Ever find yourself wolfing down your meal? Do you feel sick or get an upset tummy or ever gag a bit after? Well, we were sent a pawesome new food bowl that can help!

The DogPause bowl is set up into four small sections that break up the food and force the dog to take his/her time going from section to section to eat it's meal.

From their website:

The DogPause dog bowl works to slow down the pace of eating and aid with portion control in the following ways:
  • Divides the bowl into 4 feeding zones
  • Each feeding zone is 1/2 cup in capacity and designed to "block" the dog from putting his full snout into the bowl; this slows down eating pace as your dog needs to use his tongue for each bite
  • After your dog finishes each zone, he must re-position himself for the next zone
  • The bowl is designed to slide a little on the floor, further slowing down the dog as he needs to re-position for each bite
Check me out, testing the DogPause bowl.

WIN a DogPause Bowl!!
I've got a BLUE DogPause bowl to give away!! That's right! If YOU would like to win yourself a DogPause bowl send me an email with the words DogPause Bowl Contest in the subject line.

Send a cute or funny photo of yourself eating (whether dinner or your favourite snack) and I'll post the top photos here for pups to vote on!

The contest will run until May 24, get those pics in!!

Here's a great side by side comparison of the DogPause bowl vs. a traditional bowl:

For more information (including Vet View, FAQs and more!) on the DogPause bowl and how you can get your paws on one check out their website for more!