Wednesday, August 1, 2007

We've been "Simpsonized"!!!

My human's are active on Facebook, and there's a new application that creates a likeness of you to a Simpson's character. But what about me?? Well my human got creative in photoshop and this is what she came up with...(Matt Groenig, please don't's all in good fun!) What do you think??

Cute Video: Min Pin vs. Manchester Terrier

So we always get confused for Min Pins...and I found this hilarious video on YouTube of Chubbs the Min Pin vs. Guinness the Toy Manchester Terrier. Enjoy!

Stupid Human! Dog Rescued After Being Locked in Car

Grrrrrr....this kind of news makes my blood boil!!! Some idiot was arrested here in Toronto yesterday after neighbours called Animal Services because his 110lb Rottwieller was locked in his car with the windows rolled up. They reported it was over 70ÂșC in the car!!

The Cruelty Investigator was sure the dog was near death and didn't have time to wait for the owners to return. So without hesitating, he broke open the window to reach the limp animal.

Officials say it's too soon to know if the animal suffered brain damage and they'll be watching him carefully for at least the next week. But so far, the signs are better than they'd dared to hope.
PLEASE! PLEASE! For the sake of your pet, don't leave them in a car, especially without the windows rolled down! If it's too hot for you, it'll be way too hot for them!

The owner will be charged with Animal Cruelty, which often only results in a fine being charged, or serving a small sentence of 3 months or less in jail. Grrrr...the good thing is they are also banned from owning a dog for a number of years too.

To watch video of this story, click the SOURCE link below.

Here's a link to see what happens when pets are kept in hot situations for too long.

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