Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Home Sweet Home! (Montreal Wrap-Up)

Well, I'm back pups! Safe and sound. What a wonderful trip! (photos will be human aunt will be emailing them to us!)

I was spoiled and loved by everyone! I did get the coat I wanted for Christmas!! It's sooo warm! It's all black, and makes me look quite distinguished!

PLUS, I got a nice new red collar from my dog walker Trish! It has cute little gold stars on it! (ahem, cause I'm a star?!) Hehe.

My human Gramma's house was great! Lot's of scraps to clean off the floor from everyone, a cool backyard to mark as my own! (although, swimming in snow was not the best situation..). It was a lot better there than at my human aunts house dealing with the cat!

I got to sleep with my humans at night! (they brought my crate..but never took it out of the car!) Pure bliss!

I even met a french dog! Out on a walk. A Golden Retriever...we did not speak..just sniffed politely, then her owner called her away.

All in all my human dad's family loved me to bits! (but of course!). I will miss that little house. But it's so good to be home!