Saturday, May 10, 2008

JRT All-Breed Fun Day

What a day!! The weather was AMAZING!! Soooo summery and warm! OMD! The place was packed with Jacks! BOL!

We got there first thing in the morning, and up first...Terrier Racing! WOW, it was very cool to see the little Jacks that love this sport go at it!!

I got to borrow a muzzle (which is required for all racing for safety), and HM just popped me in the little box (which I didn't like) and off we went! Er, well, that's what supposed to happen...

I didn't really have time to do a training run, so it was a crash course on racing for me! They opened the gates and off the dogs went..I ran out too, but then just looked around at everyone! BOL! I figured out to run to the other end and finally made it down. I ran four times today, and each time was better, I realized I was racing to chase the lure against the other dogs, but I didn't like the muzzle on me so while I was running down the lane, I would stop to rub the muzzle and try to get it off.

There's no video of me, cause HM had to run to the end to cheer me on to run, and she couldn't do both.

Up next was a quick run through of some AGILITY equipment! They were having offical run throughs of the course in the afternoon, so the morning was just to familiarize yourself/practice with the equipment.

HM was so proud, she did a slow run with me on FULL SIZE contact equipment! I did the Teeter, TWICE all by myself for the first time!! I went on the dogwalk, attempted the A-Frame, but wasn't too sure about it.

Up next was something called Barn Hunt. They had a bunch of bails of hay in the barn, with tubes squished in between them. In one of the tubes was a LIVE rat!! So our task was to find the rat! YAY!! Cause that's what I was bred for, HM thought I'd be a natural! Guess what??!! I was! BOL! I sniffed around the barn, and went to directly to the tube with the rat!!

Such an eventful morning! My best buds, Denali and Starr showed up with their human and we had a nice lunch break "tail-gaiting" in the parking area. We sun bathed, wrestled, met some nice Jacks.

The afternoon session had more agility, where we had to sign up to do what they call a Jumpers course. No contact equipment, just jumps, tunnels (and weaves for the more advanced dogs!) So, I got to do a real fun match! The pressure! I was so tired from all the mornings activities. Check out the video...of HM trying to handle the course, and me fumbling through it! BOL! Brandi, we NEED more lessons STAT!!

After my run, HM knew I was done for the we went up to check out the other activities and watch some pups have a good time!

This is a shot of the advanced "Go-to-ground" tunnel (dogs go through the tunnel maze to find their quarry...either a live rodent or a scented toy version).

We all ended our day watching the Lure Coursing event. Denali did the course, and ROCKED it!! Then we watched my buddy Forrest's his shot of him waiting his turn, in the water bucket! (he's a Dock Dog!) BOL!

I'm completely pooped, so I'm off for a good long nap! Bark at ya later pups! Enjoy your weekend!