Sunday, June 8, 2008

Woofstock - Wrap-up

There were dark clouds and early rain and we were worried Woofstock would be a washout! BUT no rain for the rest of the day!! But IT WAS HOT!!

Since we weren't sure what the weather would be like..we went early to avoid any chance of rain..and after being there for a few hours...all the pups (Simba, Denali, and Starr) including our human moms were hot, tired and ready to leave the INSANE crowds. So I didn't stay for the Mr. Canine Canada competition. :o(

Mr. Canine Canada? Maybe next year.

Denali and Starr

That's ok..we got some pawesome treats, met LOTS of dogs and had a good time!

We saw LOTS of Boston Terriers, Great Danes, Min Pins, Labs and Chihuahuas!!

Guess how many Manchesters I saw??!! 2!!! BOL and one was my pal Rocco!! His humans had a booth at Woofstock, selling their pawesome hand-sculpted coats and collars!! (Denali and I got a MODRuff collar today!! They are pawesome!!!!)

Check out Rocco on the runway in the dog fashion show, showing off his MOD Ruff coat!

Check out some random pics from our busy day!

We saw a lemur!!

Super tired..going to sleep for the rest of the day!!

DogPause Bowl WINNER!!

Well, it was a bit of a bust as far as entries go..but there was a pup who was keen on the bowl and sent me her pics! (That is NOT the DogPause bowl in the photo!!)

The lovely Nala! So congrats to you!! You are the winner of a new DogPause bowl. I hope you enjoy many meals in it!! It's in the mail!

Please take a moment to visit her blog and congratulate her!