Monday, June 2, 2008

HM is back and I got some great loot!!

So, I survived alone with wasn't so bad..he took me to the park, and we hung out and watched TV a lot. He even let me sleep in the bed with him in the mornings!

I was sooo happy when HM came home though!! What did I get?

A cool New York Loofa dog that looks like the statue of Liberty. That was from my pals Gibbon and Mia who my mom visited in NYC.

HM and Molly's human Jennifer with Gibbon and Mia

I also got a cool treat ball from Molly's human who was also in NYC for the weekend fun.

All the Human mums in front of Trixie and Peanut

HM went to Trixie and Peanut in lower Manhattan and brought home a new Planet Dog toy, some FURBULOUS treats (sweet potato wrapped in bacon!!! WOWEE)

So it was a great trip for me! er...for her..BOL!

Next time though, I really want to go, so I can have some fun play time with Gibbon and Mia too!!