Friday, December 7, 2007


This was barked to me in one of my Manchester web groups. As many of you know, devastating floods have ravaged parts of Washington State, in the US. One victim in particular, Nancy Punches, a beloved dog breeder and trainer has been hit particularly hard by this tragedy.

Here's her story. You can also check it out from local station KOMO TV.
Dear friends,

We need some help.

A good friend of ours, Nancy Punches, has suffered a terrible disaster. Her home was not too far from the Chehalis River, in coastal Washington. On Tuesday morning when the river crested at 75 feet, she lost nearly everything. Nancy is in her early seventies, a fiercely independent and remarkable woman-- generous, kind and an extraordinary part of the purebred dog world.

She has raised, trained and exhibited dogs from the early 1960s, first Doberman Pinschers, then Pulik, Smooth Fox Terriers, American Foxhounds and most recently she had acquired a much loved Black Russian Terrier, Dali. She is also an AKC judge, but is so busy with her work in the lab of the Morton Hospital and with her own dogs that she doesn't accept many assignments. She is however, always ready to help out, she chairs shows and ring stewards, helps build majors and offers advice and comfort and guidance to all.

Nancy spent many hours of the night and into the morning, alternately treading water and clinging to a china hutch as water in her home rose to within ten inches of the ceiling. When the China hutch gave way and fell into the water, Nancy kept her head above water by clinging to a plank. Just before the flood, knowing that bad weather was coming, she brought her most beloved dogs into the house for safekeeping. Dali, the black Russian terrier. The Foxhounds-- Cruise, Whistler, Jack, Priss, Minnie, Precious, Dixie. All champions. All beloved. One by one they each drowned in front of her.

She did manage to save a litter of five week old puppies. She had placed them in a styrofoam cooler and floated them alongside her all through the night. Like Nancy, they survived and were rescued by helicopter late on Tuesday morning. Nancy thinks that one of the Foxhounds in the kennel also rode out the storm, but all the others, more than thirty dogs in all, perished.

Nancy is in Providence Hospital in Chehalis, WA with frostbite to her feet. Her home has been demolished, and everything she has, save four little puppies and maybe one lone foxhound, everything else is gone. She did not have flood insurance, so the loss of her home, her van, her motorhome, her kennel--- none of that is covered. Some philanthropic organizations have been contacted and we are doing our best to find help for Nancy. She will need every dime.

Please, would you consider making a donation to help ease the anguish that has befallen this wonderful woman? It doesn't have to be much-- even a few dollars makes a difference. If you like to use paypal, here's the link:

A special account has been set up with the recipient

If you would prefer to send a check, it can be made payable to Nancy Punches and sent to:
P.O. Box 2022, Livingston, MT 59047.

We will send an acknowledgment of your donation with our great thanks.

If you've ever loved a dog, if your life was ever changed by a remarkable woman, please consider helping Nancy now.

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