Thursday, July 19, 2007

MISSING Manchester Terrier: Billie needs your help!

Anyone living in the Etobicoke/West end of Toronto: Please keep your eye out for Billie, a female Manchester Terrier. This message is from her owner:

Billie was spooked from our backyard on Monday, May 7th. She had done that before but this time she found a little cat walk near our house that goes to Eglinton Ave. As you know, Manchesters are very fast so by the time I got in my car and out to Eglinton she was at the corner of Martin Grove. The only call we received was from a person that saw her at the intersection of Eglinton/Martin Grove/HWY 27 on May 7th.

We are all very eager to find her, especially my 3 kids who don't know life without Billie and miss her very much. :(

Thank you very much for your help.
She is 7 years old, approximately 25lbs, Black and Tan markings and is described as a barker (aren't we all!). Posters have been put up in the neighbourhood, and local shelters have been notified of her status. There is a reward for anyone who finds Billie.

Silvana Lowe can be reached at 416-621-9212 or at this email address.

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