Monday, October 8, 2007

Holiday Monday

Stuffed with Thanksgiving turkey dinner, sleeping in with my humans, what a great way to start my holiday Monday! What could make it better? How about meeting new friends!

A new family movied into my neighbourhood, and they have TWO dogs! A Rottie named Thunder (when you hear him bark, you know why!) and a Jack Russell Terrier named Chili. She has springs in her feet, she can jump soooo high!

So I met them a few weeks ago, but haven't seen them since. But this morning, coming back from my walk, we ran into them! What fun! We tore up the back field doing zoomies all over the place! Thunder didn't really appreciate my speed while chasing Chili and kept trying to body check me as I ran by! BOL! But I was just too fast for him! Chili and I got a bit banged up as we were running soooo fast in circle we knocked into each other a few times! Man was that ever fun!!!

what will the rest of the day hold for me?? Well, right now, a nap...maybe another trip to the dog park, definitely some cookies. :o)

Happy Monday pups!