Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lucky needs a new home!!

After being rescued by a NYC police officer, Lucky, the aptly named Pit Bull Terrier has been given up to a shelter. Unfortunately for Lucky, the police officer was extremely allergic, and as he grew, so did the allergic reactions. The officer, Andrew Dorsett is heart broken. He only hopes Lucky can find a good loving home now.

Lucky is now in the care of a no-kill animal charity called For Our Friends at the Great Neck Animal Hospital. He has also been renamed Drew in honour of Officer Dorsett.

"We all love him. He's a really sweet, affectionate dog," said Bryan Lewis, who runs For Our Friends. "But we changed his name to Drew in honor of the cop who saved his life."

To adopt Lucky/Drew, call (718) 595-2161, or e-mail

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Jazmine and Gibbon said...

What a beautiful pup! That's awesome to shout out about pups who need a home - applause to you guys!