Sunday, September 16, 2007

Feeling Neglected

That's right pups. I'm feeling neglected. My human pawrents don't have regular 9-5 jobs. Sometimes it's a good thing. They can be home during the day with me. But this weekend, it was a bad thing. See, my human dad works in a gym running a martial arts program. My human mom is a designer/artist. So this weekend both were busy with "work".

The worst part is human mom was at home doing this "work"! So to me, I thought we'd have lots of time to play and snuggle. But she kept "shooing" me out of her art room so she could paint – ok, so trying to lay across her feet while she's trying to move around isn't such a good thing...

Some nerve! So even though I've got lots of toys, they weren't good enough. I moped around looking pathetic...trying to get some sympathy. It didn't work. Maybe if I ignore them they'll remember how bad it feels!

What do you pups do when you're feeling this way??


Fritz said...

Simba, you need to take up painting also! That way, when your pawrents are ready to play, you can just tell them you're too busy, and no, they can't play with any of your toys. What do you think this dog does?

I'll even book a show for you at the local shelter down here... ARROOooooo.....
Licks & hugs, Fritz ^,.^

Jackson said...

Errm, I'm quite a high maintenance type of dog. That way I make sure I NEVER feel neglected. I just bark until I get my own way. Try it, it might work for you too! J x

Johann The Dog said...

I sooo understand! My Mum works from home and Gracie and I think she should play with us all the time. She can't....but she does make sure we have our walks everyday and time to play or do agility in the yard. That helps, so we're pretty tired during the day and sleep some.

Hopefully things will get back to normal for ya soon!

Woofs, Johann