Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm going to be an Agility dog!!

My human FINALLY signed me up for some beginner agility lessons!!! It doesn't start until November, but I'm soooo excited!! She's already been practicing some stuff with me at home, and at the park. I even have my own mini tunnel at home! (But I'm kinda scared to go in matter how yummy the treat!).

I'll definitely be blogging weekly after class!


Jean M Fogle said...

You will love agility! I have been doing it since I was a puppy . Has your lady started you with the tunnel very short, in fact the shorter the better than it doesnt look so scary! My trick was to jump up on and run the lenght of the tunnel on top of it. Someone left a hot dog there and viola a new way of doing agility!

flyballbeagle said...

Hi Simba,

Phoebe & Smeagol the beagles here, and Major Tom the mix breed. Very cool! You will really like agility! We all do agility too! Some of us better than others... I, Phoebe was at the AAC Nationals this year, the other two cannot get it together go there!

Good Luck!

Mojo said...

sounds great! I'd love to have a go at this but I'm still way too young. Hope you have a fantastic time


Denali said...

AARRRRROOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Mommy says we might join too! It will be so much fun! I know that you will do very well at agility! OH! And, the tunnel, it isn't so bad. I'll show ya!!! I don't like that jump though. Everytime we practice agility in the back yard I go under or around it. BOL It's kida scary. I do like the weave polls - they are VERY cool!!!

Anonymous said...

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